Dumb As A Rock

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I called Katie as fast as I could, I told her I'd meet her half way, I wasn't the funny type, but I fucking ran. I don't know what my dad would do if he found drugs in my room, and if I was late, that would be even worse. I am terrified, this person, is really out to get me. I never did anything to anyone to deserve this, well I did, but I don't want to remember that.

Okay, who could it be? What if it's Hannah? No, she's to busy for this.. Harry? Pf, no. Sarah? No.. she moved. TONY? OH GOD WHAT IF IT'S TO- wait no, he's  dumb as a rock.

I'm out of people then, I don't have enemy's.. or do I?

When I finally made it half way, Katie was already there, drunk as fuck. Dammit. "Just get out" I said while opening the car door, and pulling her. "Okay-you-mean person. Likkee what da fuck mannn? I was just bout to-" I cut her off, "Just get in." I said while buckling my seat belt. After she got her drunk-self in the car, she buckled and we left. Harry taught me a little on how to drive, I liked driving, but right now I wasn't enjoying it. I glanced at the clock, shit it's 9:35pm. I'm so fucking dead, my house is so far.


Finally, I was home. I jumped out of the car taking the keys with me and telling Katie to wait. I wasn't going to let her drive drunk, I don't want that to be another secret of mine if she died. When I opened the door I didn't see my dad any where, I ran up the stairs. My bedrooms light was on and my door was open, fuck. I walked slowly into the room... Only to find something unexpected, Harry. Sitting on my bed. He had a big smirk on his face, and was wearing pj's. "W-what are you doing?" I asked trying to be quiet. "Well, I wanted to ask you something, but it seems like you've had a long night.." Harry said while laughing. I looked at my outfit, it had mud all over it from when I fell.

"Oh my God, you  don't even know.." I said with a sigh. "Care to explain?" he suggested. "Nah, maybe tomorrow. Here's Katie's keys, take her home?" I asked sweetly. "Hm.. give me a kiss and I'll think about it." he said with a wink. I pecked his lips, "Hm. okay." he said while getting up. Just before he was about to climb out the window I stopped him. "What were you going to ask?". "Ah, youll see" was the last thing he said before climbing down and running to Katie's car. That lil shit.

I closed my window and shut my door while locking it, slowly I walked to my bed. I kneeled down and lifted the bed skirt up, and sure enough, there was a box under my bed that wasn't mine. I pulled it out, I lifted the lid only reveling the box was empty.

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