Getting Ready

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Today was the day of Harry's party, I was.. excited and then again nervous. I mean, how could I not be? Ive never really been to a party.. ugh. I decided to call Hannah over for some help, she's got some "party" dresses we can wear. Hopefully they'll fit and not be too short.

Hannah busted into my room slapping the door against the wall as she walked in, how nice. Over her shoulder she cared over 6 dresses, damn. She laid out the dresses and began naming all the different dresses. "I have tons of dresses, much to wear. Now, do you want black, pink, purple, yellow, orange-" I cut her off, "How about that one." I said pointing to the dress that was the last one she laid out. "Really?" she asked almost surprised with my choice. "Yes really." I said while smiling. Hannah walked over to the dress and picked it up, I liked it. It was perfect, the bottom was black, the middle had a piece of black ribbon going across the waist, and the top was glittery and sparkly. I loved it, and I bet Harry would too. Next thing I knew Hannah was digging through my closet. "What are you doing?" I asked while walking towards her. "Finding the perfect shoe!" she replied back as she pulled a white box out. "Remember when we bought these? At the mall when you and I like ran away for a week? They'd be perfect for the dress!" Hannah said excitedly as she opened the box and pulled out a black glittery heel. She was right, it was perfect. Tonight I was going to look perfect.

Once I was finally done curling my hair Hannah insisted I had to help her curl her hair since she's probably the worst at doing hair. Her phone went off she handed the phone to me, I put the curling iron down and answered, "Hello?" I asked. "Hey, it's Harry. You weren't picking up your phone, I'm just checking in and seeing if youre still coming." He thought I'd ditch. "Yep, still coming, almost ready. Talk to you later." I said before hanging up the phone. When I handed it back to Hannah she had a big grin on her face, "what?" I questioned while picking up one of her blond locks and raping it around the curler. "Oh nothing." she said before checking her phone and giggling. She knew I hated secrets, but it's probably her and Tony's plans tonight, and I wasn't interested in that. Hearing heavy foot steps I gave Hannah I look of, "Don't say anything stupid."

"Where are you two going?" my father asked while leaning on the door. "Oh, Katie's birthday party." I said trying to focus on not burning Hannah's hair. "Really?" he questioned. "Is this true?" he turned to Hannah. She gave me a smirk and turned to him, "Yes sir it is. I haven't seen you in awhile Mr. Johnson. Nice to see you again." He looked at her closely, "I don't believe I know you." he said while staring. "You probably don't remember me." she said while looking up at me. "Well.. be safe.." he said before walking off.

"What the fuck Hannah!" I shouted while slapping her head. "Ouch, I didn't do anything." she said defensively. "w-why would you mention you knowing him BEFORE." I said while walking towards the door and closing it. "Because I can, now it's time to go. Come on."

After about 100 pictures  being taken Hannah and I set off. I was wearing my black sparkly dress, and sparkly heels, with deep red lipstick while Hannah was in a sharp dark red tight dress with black heels. To be honest, we looked pretty fabulous.

When Hannah and I finally pulled up  to the house it was glowing with lights and you could hear the music blasting from the house. "Woah. Nice" Hannah muttered while opening the car door and getting out. "I guess" I said to myself while trying to fix my top. "Come on" she said while taking my hand and ringing the bell. A couple came up and leaned against the wall while we waited for the door to open.

"Youre hot." he said while pushing the girl against the wall.

"Ouch.." she said while trying to push away.

"Come on, baby." he said into her ear

I couldn't let this happen to someone while I was right there, but just before I was about intervene a boy's hand pulled the guy off the girl. "Why don't you go some where else, okay Louis." I turned to see the guy's hand belonged to Harry. "And, Emily, you should go home before something bad happens." Harry said while putting his hand on her back and leading her off the porch. "Ah so you've finally came." Harry said while putting his arm around me. "Am I late?" I asked. "Nah, perfect timing. You look great." he said while kissing my neck. Hannah gave a awkward cough. "I-I'm just going to go inside, where's Tony?" Hannah said while opening the door. "Upstair, better watch out. He's as drunk as last time." Harry said laughing.

"So, you." he said turning to me. "Ready for an awesome night?" he asked while grinning. "Yes!" I said excitedly. 

As we walked into the door way hand and hand I looked around, couples making out every where, boys playing beer pong, girls doing shots, and even Katie was in the corner having a good time with- Niall?

"  I didn't know Niall was here?" I shouted since I could barley hear myself over the music. "Oh, yeah! He's staying with his aunt in America for awhile, he might just stay and start going to our school. When we were- you know- making out in the closet and he walked in with your friend he was suppose to be getting a school form. " Harry said while dropping my hand and pouring himself a drink. "Want one?" he asked. "What kind?" I said while looking around at mountains of beer cups. "Eh, punch. It's probably spiked though." he said while laughing to himself. "Hm.. I don-" "Come on" Harry begged. 

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