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Stay Away From My Friends

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Ugh, it's now Monday morning how.. wonderful. Slowly rose from my bed and sat at the edge for awhile. God, I hate waking up this early. It really sucks. "SARAH, ARE YOU UP?" I call out. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YES I AM." She called back. Well damn. Someone's in a pissy mood.

When I finally decided I was ready to get up I let my feet touch the cold floor and I began to walk towards my dresser where I had all my cloths laid out. Big sweat shirt with donuts all over it, a pair of leggings, and some VANS. Pretty cute.

Once I was dressed and ready I decided to check what the weather was like outside. See, since I'm to lazy to walk down stairs and open the front door, I'm just going to use my window. I opened the curtains and something caught my eye. A.. a piece of paper.. tapped onto my window. I looked closer at it to read it:

"Arent you and Tony just the cutest?" Wait. No one knows about that, but Tony and I.. how? Oh no. Someone did take my diary, and there's only one person that could have. Harry.

I ran to my bed and grabbed my phone clicking on Harry's number it began to dial.

"Yes, love?"

"Did you take my diary?"



"Wait, what? I did."


"Yes I did. I left it on your door step."


"Oh my God, I'm sor-"


"Only a little.."

Honestly, that broke my heart. The first guy I really trusted ended up taking something that was so.. precious to me. It had all my secrets. There was only one thing I could say to him.

"Don't ever talk to me and stay away from my friends." I hung up after that. I cant believe him. Now someone knows, everyone will find out. Hannah will find out.. and if Harry doesn't already know, he'll find out. I cant tell anyone.. I cant. No one. I- I cant trust anyone. What if everyone already knows? Oh God.

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