Enemies or Friends

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Veronica's POV:

      After a few minutes I heard sobs. Someone was crying but I couldn't tell who. I then heard words, people speaking. They were really close by me. I wanted to open my eyes but I couldn't.

    Another few minutes passed and I was able to open my eyes again.

    The first thing I saw was a white ceiling, I then tried to turn on my side but it hurt too much so I stopped.

    "Hello?"I asked. Then I heard someone get up. I could then see their the face they smiled at me. After that smile everything that happened came back to me.

    "What happened?"I asked. "You did it,"Luke began to cry but with happy tears. "What do you mean?"I asked. "He's gone, it's all over, the assassins are now on your side,"Luke said. "No, on our side,"I said as I struggled to get up. "Yeah on our side,"Luke smiled and stopped crying as he helped me sit up.

    As I got up I noticed I was in a hospital bed. I was dressed in a hospital gown.

     "Thank you, no really, thank you for everything, I couldn't of done any of this with out you, it's all over because of you,"I said and smiled.

    I leaned toward Luke and he also leaned toward me. His lips met mine. Our kiss was so passionate that I didn't want to move my lips. But we were interrupted by my brother coming in.
   "Looks like you two are close friends,"my brother said. "Oh , hey Victor,"I said nervously. "It's good to see you up sister,"Victor said as he came toward me to hug me. I hugged him back.

    "It's good to see you too,"I said as we let go of each other. "I'm going to go tell the doctors your awake,"Luke said as he left the room.

    The doctors came in and said they're letting me out. After I got cleared to leave and got dressed we headed back to the spy hideout.

     Kiara saw me and said"Thank you, I'm sorry that I didn't trust you but know I do." "No I should be the one to say sorry, I didn't trust you And yet you helped me and Luke,"I said. "I'm glad your alive,"Kiara said. "I want to invite you and any spy to a ball at the Smith Mansion, I have an important announcement to make,"I said. "Ok, we will,"Kiara said. "Good and Luke will you a company me to the ball?"I asked looking back at Luke. "Um, yeah,sure,"Luke said nervously and smiled. "Ok then I will see you all tonight,"I said and me and Victor went back to the mansion.

     When we arrived back at the mansion I went into my mother's office, it was still beautiful and clean. On her desk was her jacket and my weapons, I put her jacket and weapons back in her training base.

       I walked to my mother's room and searched her closet for a gown to wear. I found a red mermaid dress with black straps criss crossing around the neck. The straps came all the way down the waist and around it. I put on the dress and some black high heels.

    I than got out Mr. Smith's book that I took, I haven't had the time to look through it yet but now I did.

    I looked at the last page that was written on and it said:

     I have decided to take down all my enemies. And afterwards I will attack the spies and soon the assassins and I'll have control over both of them. If I was going to kill my wife then I would have to also kill my daughter. She was going to be the next ruler of assassins so she needs to be killed. After she's dead I'll be able to take over the assassins. My son trust's me so I won't have to kill him. Its been hard sneaking around with Sharla. My wife is getting suspicious.
     Signed Mr. Smith

         Mr. Smith has been cheating on my mother!

    I began to flip back a few pages and found one titled: Sharla

      Sharla and I have been dating for quite a while. Me and her have also made plans for taking over the assassins and spies. She has helped me so much, I truly love her......

      I stopped reading it because I couldn't stand him saying he loved another woman.

     I then flipped back to the last page and read over it. It said that I was next in line to rule the assassins. I was their new leader.

   A few hours later the party I planned began. Luke escorted me to the dance floor. After we danced I went in front of the room and began to hit a champagne glass with a metal spoon. It got everyone's attention.

    "Thank you everyone, thank you all who fought with me and Luke, I have a very important announcement, for all these years spies and assassins have been enemies, we've worked against each other, killed one another and would always fight, these last few weeks made me realize something, I couldn't of took down Mr. Smith without you all, you have all made me realize that we can be a team that we can work together, so as the new ruler of assassins, I would like the fighting between us assassins and spies, I would like to make an agreement with Kiara to work with spies for now on and let our missions to only be to protect everyone, Kiara?"I asked as I pointed my hand toward her to come here.

    She came up right by me and said"It would be an honor to work with the assassins,"and smiles. We shook hands.

    "For now on, assassins and spies will be taught to love one another and work together,"I said as everyone clapped.

    At that moment I had made a treaty with the spies. We were no longer enemies, we were friends.

Ok again this is admin talking. I'm so happy that I've finished this book I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I hope all of you enjoyed it and I will have book two out. It might be today or tomorrow. I don't know yet but there will definitely be a second book. Thanks everyone who's read it! Byeeee!!!

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