Meeting the Spies

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    I thought for sure that Mrs. Carlo was going to be there. Where could she be? I really hope she isn't dead. I then turned to the spy. He knew that I was worried.

    "What's going on?"he asked. "Do you know Mrs. Carlo?"I asked with a worried look. He then looked down it seemed like he was about to cry but he didn't. "She's my mother,"he said raising his head up. "Your mother!?"I said shocked.

    I couldn't believe that the spy I  just rescued was Mrs. Carlo's son. I only rescued him because I knew if Mr. Smith captured him he was innocent or had valuable information.

     "What happened to her,why did Mr. Smith take her?"I asked. "My mother knew he was a trader and only a few people knew so Mr. Smith took her to ki- kil-kill her,"he said. I could tell he was holding back tears. "Oh,"I said.

   So Mr. Smith was going to kill her. I wanted to cry at the moment because Mr. Smith killed my mother and the thought of the spy's mother being killed made me want to cry. I understood the pain of losing someone.

   "He won't kill her,I'll find her,"I said while also holding back my tears. "I'll help you find her,she's my mother,"he said looking me straight in the face.

    At that moment I knew I had to put everything behind me about spies being enemies. I not only wanted to save his mother but I also wanted to avenge my mother's death. I wanted Mr. Smith DEAD.

    We began walking out of the hideout. I then turned to him while walking and said "Ok then,we'll help each other." "Thank you,but may I ask you something,"he said. "Sure,"I said. "Why are you helping me,your an assassin?"he asked. "I know the feeling when you lose someone and it's the worst feeling,even though your a spy,I don't want anyone to have that feeling so I want to help you,"I said. "I'm sorry,I didn't know but thank you,"he said. "It's ok,"I said. "So what's your name?"I asked. "Luke, Luke Carlo,"he said. "Its nice to meet you,I'm Veronica,Veronica,"I stopped because I didn't want to be a Smith so I didn't say a last name. I then held out my hand for him to shake. He shook my hand and said"I know who you are the spies have files on Mr. Smith,"he said. "I'm not a Smith,"I said angrily. "What's wrong,"he said. "Mr. Smith killed my mother he is not a father,"I said getting even more mad. I wanted to punch him for asking but I didn't.

   I don't know why. It was just something about him that made him unpuchable. I guess you could say that. He was just a type of person who seemed like he cared.

   "Oh,I'm sorry I didn't know,"he said with a frown. "It's ok,"I said. "So where are we headed?"he asked. "Back to my uncle's,"I said. "Ok then,"he said
    We arrived at uncle's.  I walked in and uncle asked"Who's that?" "Luke,the spy,I helped him out of the hideout,Mr. Smith took him,"I said. " "Where's Mrs. Carlo?"uncle asked. I then looked down and I wanted to cry because every time I thought of Mrs. Carlo it reminded me of my mother. "S-sh-she wasn't there,"I stuttered. "That's impossible Mr. Smith brings all his prisoners there,"uncle said. Luke then turned to me and asked"Why are you trying to find my mother?" "I was hoping she could help me take down Mr. Smith,"I said. "Oh,"he said. I could tell he remembered me telling him about Mr. Smith killing my mother. "The only other place she could be is-*interrupted by uncle*"No,there are too many guess you'll be killed." "I already broke out once so I bet I can break in,"I said. "No you need more people Mr. Smith has people looking for you after what happened today he'll have a while army waiting for you,"uncle said. "Fine then I won't go yet but how am I supposed to get an army the assassins probably don't trust me after today and no spy would trust me,"I said. "I can help,"Luke said, interrupting our conversation. Uncle and I turned to look at Luke and I asked"What do you mean?" "I could try to reason with the spies, they hate Mr. Smith more than anyone,"he said. "I doubt that,"I uttered. "Did you say something?"Luke asked. "Yeah,I said I doubt anyone hates Mr. Smith more than me!"I yelled at him. "Oh,ok,"Luke said. "Are you sure you can reason with the spies?"uncle asked. "Yes all the spies trust me so they'll help us,"Luke said. "Ok then,when are we going?"I asked. "No your not going with him it's to dangerous,"uncle said. He still treated me like a child. "No,she needs to come,that way the spies can see it for themselves that she can be trusted,"Luke said.
  He trusted me I liked that. Luke could tell I wanted to help.
    "Thank you,"I said. "Well then but if she's hurt I will kill you,"uncle said. "Uncle it's fine I trust him,"I say. "Well if you do so do I,"uncle said. "Ok then let's go,"Luke said.
    We got on my motorcycle and we he drove to the spy's hideout.

   He trusted me enough to bring me towards a secret base. I could finally trust someone. I could trust a spy.

   We arrived at a library.

   Apparently the hideout was in a library.

   I followed Luke to the back of the library. Luke placed his hand on the wall and walked through the wall. I didn't know what exactly to do so I just walked through the wall.

    As I got to the other side of the wall a loud alarm went off and a ton of spies ran toward me and Luke. I then decided to defend my self but taking my hidden blade out. It was not a good idea. I wanted the spies to trust me but I had to defend myself. Then a woman walked out from the shadow of the crowd. I stood there in a fighting position ready to attack.

   "What are you doing her!?,"the woman yelled at me. "She's not here to hurt you all,"Luke said while standing in front of trying to protect me. "Why is she here?,"the woman asked furiously. "She is here to help me and we need your help all of you,"Luke said. "What for?,"the woman asked. All of the spies still had their guns pointed at me. "My mother was kidnapped by Mr. Smith and he murdered her mother,"Luke points to me. "Mr. Smith is planning on taking someone out and I believe it is you all and the assassins,"I say, trying to help Luke. "He's always wanted to take us and the assassins out but he's never done it,"the woman said. "But he's already took out people who know about him,"I said, while turning my hidden blade off. "How do you know?"the woman asked. "I knew Mr. Smith and I've been taking out all his allies, he has hurt my family so I will hurt him, I heard one of his allies talking about Mr. Smith's attack,"I said. "How do we know if you aren't lying?"asked the woman. "You can take my weapons away,"I said while handing them my hidden blades, swords, and gun. But I kept a dagger in my shoe just for percussion. I didn't know if I could trust all the spies.

    "Ok then, who are you though?"the woman asked while watching me hand my weapons to a spy. "I'm Veronica,"I say while leaving my last name out. "Veronica, what?"asked the lady.

      I can't believe she asked me that!

    "I used to be a Smith,"I say.

         I hated me saying Smith, I couldn't stand being a Smith.

    "She's a Smith and brought her here!,"yelled the woman at Luke. "I-,"Luke began to say but I interrupted him and said"Its not his fault I wanted to come, he needs your help, we need your help, Mr. Smith killed my mother in front of me, he has been a monster for years, he needs to be stopped, and you all could help us with that,"I said while wanting to cry. "Luke, do you trust her?"the woman asked. "Yes she saved me,"Luke said. "Fine then we'll help,"said the woman. "Thank you,"said Luke. "I'm kiara by the way, I'm the leader of spies,"the woman said. 

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