Planning an Attack

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    I had to sleep overnight at the spie's hideout because it was late by the time we got there. The spies let me sleep in a secured room. They said it was to protect me but it was to protect them from me. I couldn't believe I was actually with the spies.
     I walked out of the room well of course first I had to ask the guard to let me out. I walked through the hallway. I decided to look around and see if I could find anything. Even though they were helping me I still didn't trust them completely and they don't trust me that much either.
      I found a door, it had a sign on the door saying"Weapons Room"and a side note saying"Don't enter unless allowed to." Like I was going to let some stupid sign get in my way.
     I walked into the room amd nothing happened. I found my weapons and more. I took all my weapons but as I was a getting them, something hit me and knocked me out.
    I woke up back in my room. I had so much pain in my back. Whatever hit me it must of hit me in the back because man it hurt. I sat up and pain strucked me down my spine. I began to walk to the door but a gaurd stopped me.
   "You are not allowed to leave,"the gaurd said. "I can leave when I want to,"I said. "No you can't," the gaurd argued. "Yes now move before I hurt you,"I said with anger. "Is that a threat?,"the gaurd asked. "Maybe," I said. Then I took the gaurds arm and twisted it behind his back. I then whispered in his ear"Now can I go?" "Um....yes....please,"the gaurd gaurd said in pain. "Good," I said while letting go of his arm.
      I left the room. I walked into the main part of the hideout in the front. Luke was talking to
    Kiara noticed me and walked straight up to me. "How are you here?"she asked. "A gaurd isn't going to stop me," I said. "You attacked a gaurd!?"Kiara yelled at me. "No, I just twisted his arm, he's ok so calm down,"I say. "Why were you sneaking around anyway?"Kiara asked me. "I was just exploring the place,"I say. "Why?"kiara asked me. "Because I can!"I yelled at her. "Don't you dare tell at me!And you are not allowed to 'Explore'!"Kiara yelled again.
   I could tell she didn't like me. Of course she didn't, I'm an assassin, spies hate us.
    "I thought you trusted me!"I yelled again. "Not all the way," Kiara said."Stop!"Luke yelled at us. "Thank you,"I said to Luke. "We all need to trust each other,"Luke said. "I trust you Luke,"Kiara said. "Me too,"I said. "Good but do you trust each other?"Luke asked us. "Yes,"Kiara said. "Yep,"I said. "Good,"Luke said. "Ok then I have a plan,"I said. "What is It?"Luke asked me. "Oh, dear,"Kiara whispered but I heard. "Mr. Smith will obviously have Mrs. Carlo locked in our secret jail under the house, I know exactly where it is, but Mr. Smith will be expecting us so he'll have an entire army waiting for us, that's why me and Luke are going to need an army of spies to distract him while Luke saves his mother and I finally get rid of Mr. Smith,"I said. "Thats That's a good plan,"Luke said. "I don't know,"Kiara said. "Please we must stop him, if we don't know he'll take over the assassins and spies,"I said. "Ok, I'll get a group of spies together, you two get ready,"Kiara said. "Good we'll meet the spies at Mr. Smith's,"I said. "Ok then,"Kiara said.
     Me and Luke got ready.
      I was determined to kill Mr. Smith. I wanted to be the one doing the job.
     "You ready?"Luke asked me. "Yeah lets end this,"I said.
      Me and Luke got on a motorcycle. We headed to Mr. Smith.

Ok guys this is admin speaking, I know it's not as long as usual, bc it's usually a thousand close to two thousand words but I wanted the next chapter to be just the fight. And then it'll be the last chapter. After this book I will publish a sequel to this.

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