Mr. Smith

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    I felt the cold air against my face. For a minute I felt like an ice cube.

   I began to rethink every thing that just happened. I remembered the guard looking at my hands. I then looked at my hands and noticed dry blood on my hand from my mother's body. It must of been from when i sat her body down. The gaurd blamed me thats why he got the other gaurds. My mother died in front of my eyes and they are going to blame me!! Tears began to roll down my face. My father was the murderer not me!!!

  No not my father. It was Mr. Smith who killed her. A father does not hurt the closest person to you. A father is supposed to take care of you and be there for you when ever there children need them.

  He was not my father he was Mr. Smith.

   From that day and on I never called my father, my father, I called him Mr. Smith, his sir name.

   As I sat their on the roof thinking about my mother it began to get darker.

  I decided to sleep on top of the roof and leave at day time.

  As the morning began to grow closer I got up and grabbed my backpack. I began to head near the end of the roof. I stared down and saw a guard who was half wake. It was obvious that Mr. Smith overworked his employees.

   I saw my chance to take down the guard.

  I grabbed my hidden blades out of my backpack and put them under my sleeves. I then jumped of the roof and headed straight for the gaurd. I switched my blade on and stabbed the gaurd right in the head. I was one of the top young best assassins so I knew a lot of tricks. I was trained by the best.

   I then ran to the other gaurd to the left and stabbed him in the side. I then ran to the parking lot in front of the mansion. There was a limo, two cars ,and a motorcycle. I decided to take the motorcycle because it was the fastest.

   As I got on the motorcycle, guards began to run out the mansion ready to catch me. I then revved up the engine and drove away.

  The problem was that the gaurds had hopped into the cars and were chasing after me.
I headed straight and then tricked the guards by turning on another road.

   I had lost the gaurds but I needed to figure out where I was going to stay.
Yesterday In a Town called Venecee:Spy's POV:

   Today is the first day of 11th grade. I woke up and ran to my sister's bedroom. She is nine years old and she doesn't have dark brown hair like I do. She has blonde hair. It's close to my mother's brown hair. My mother had light brown hair and she was a beautiful women well for a mother I guess.

   I picked my sister off of her bed and ran into the kitchen with her and sat her at the dinner table. She then rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked "Luke why did you wake me up I wanted to sleep?", she said it with a whiny voice.

   "Because today is our first day of school,your starting third grade and I'm starting eleventh grade,"I told her with a smile.

   "Oh that's what today is?"she asked. "Yeah,silly", I told her while laughing. "Luke your just like your father", my mother said. "So I've been told", I said to my mother. "If your father was standing by you, everyone would think y'all were twins," my mother said while laughing.

   My father died when my sister was two and when I was nine. We were both too young to understand what happened. All we knew at that time was that he was dead. My father died in a battle against an assassin. All of my family are spies. And assassins are our enemies. You can't trust there kind, especially, Mr. Smith. He was a trader, he was a spy and then turned over to the assassins. If you ever had to fight him you probably wouldn't survive. He knows combat from assassins and spies.

   I finished my breakfast and went to my bedroom to change. I changed into some regular black looking jeans and a red plain shirt with a pair of nikes.

  I went in the living room and kissed and hugged my mom and sister bye and got on the bus.

   The bus was always boring. I would talk to a few of my friends and that's it.

   After seven hours of boring school I returned home.

   My sister always got off the bus before me, lucky her, so she would already be home with mom.

  I got closer to the door and noticed it was opened a little. I got worried and ran in.

   I stopped a few steps into the house and the place was wrecked!

   Our couch was flipped over and there was glass all on the floor. I looked up and noticed that the window on the roof was shattered.

   I then began to hear a whimpering sound. It was coming from behind the couch. I carefully walked near the couch. I looked behind the couch and it was my sister crying.

  "What happened?"I asked her. "Mom,*sniff*they*sniff*took*sniff*her" she said while crying. "Who took her?"I asked. She began to cry more.

   I could tell she was still scared of what happened so I sat down right by her and wrapped my hand around her. She began to calm down.

   She then looked up at me and said"Assassins." "Mom told me*sniff* that Mr. Smith ordered*sniff*them to capture *she began to cry more*her"my sister said. "Why?", I asked. "Mom knew his secret"my sister said.

  Right when my sister said "his secret" I knew my mother was one of the few who knew he was a trader. That's Mr. Smith's secret.

   "I need to rescue mom"I whispered to myself.

   "Moma said to go to Aunt Carla", my sister told me. "Ok then let's go,grab your backpack and start packing" I said. "Ok"She said. "I'll come help you when I finish packing"I told her."ok"she said.

  I went to my room and packed up a couple of clothes and essential things like a toothbrush, and phone. I then put a couple of my spy equipment in my backpack. I then started helping my sister pack.

    We finished packing and I used my mom's car and drove to my aunt's house.

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