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The Assassin's aka Veronica's.      POV:

   It was still early in the morning and I had decided to head to Caleb's house. He lived near our school.

   I arrived near his house and decided to hide the motorcycle in a big bush. I knew Mr. Smith would try to track me down.

   I walked up to the door and  ranged the doorbell. Caleb's mother answered the door after a few rings. "Who's up at this time of the day?"she said while wipping her sleepy eyes. "Can I please come in ,it's and emergency?" I asked her. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a worried voice"Um Ok, of course."

    I hurried in the house and sat on the couch. "What's going on ?"Caleb's mother asked. "I need to talk to Caleb", I told her. "Of course let me go get him", she said and quickly ran upstairs.

   A few minutes later Caleb came back downstairs wiping his eyes the same way his mother just did.

   "What happened?" Caleb asked me. "Mr. Smith he killed my mother", I said. "You mean your father?"Caleb's mother asked. "He is no longer my father he killed my mother he is no father" I said with an angry yet confident face. "Oh I understand"said Caleb's mother. "Mr. Smith has blamed me for my mother's death and has the guards after me",I said. "Oh my!" Caleb's mother said. "How could he do that?" Caleb asked with a furious face. "I don't know why, all I know is that my mother knew something about him that he didn't want getting out so he killed her" I said. "I'm sorry for your lost", Caleb and his mother said.

   I never really understood why people said that but I guess it was to try to make you feel better.

   "The problem is that I can't stay here I need somewhere to go and I thought you two could help me"I said. "Actually we can, you know my uncle Mat, right?" Caleb asked me. "Yes I've seen him before he taught me a few things about assassins" I told Caleb.

   Caleb's uncle is an assassin on Caleb's father's side. Caleb's mother thought it would be too dangerous for Caleb to be an assassin so that's why he's not an assassin.

   "Oh, yeah that's right,well he now lives in a town called "Venecce"and I'm pretty sure he'll let you stay there for a while and he lives in the mansion at the end of the town"Caleb said. "Thank you Caleb and thank you Mrs. Talon" I said.

   We then said our goodbyes and I went back to the Bush and grabbed the motorcycle and headed to Venecce.

   It was a very small town that lived near our town "Salir". It was so small that none really drove cars and just walked to places. And there was a huge mansion at the end of the town where Mat lives.

   I arrived at Venecce. It was as small as I remembered it was. I have seen Venecce before because even though it was small it was still a beautiful and a  peaceful town. I usually visited the town.

   I rode the motorcycle through the city and headed straight to the mansion.

  I arrived at the mansion and there were a few gaurds in front of the building. I walked up to the door and the gaurds stopped me and asked"Why are you here?" "I'm here to visit Mat"I told the guards. "Let me go check" said one of the guards and he walked into the mansion.

   A few minutes later he came back and said"Mat said you can come in." I then stepped in the mansion and Mat was waiting at a desk in front of me.

   "Veronica,you finally came to visit me"Mat said with a smile and his arms out. I hugged him and said"It's been a long time since we've seen each other." "Oh yes and too long that is," Mat said with a smile. "So what brings you to my humble abode?"he asked me. "I've been framed for my mother's death and Mr. Smith has been chasing me so can I stay here for a little while?" I asked. "Yes and I'm terribly sorry,if you don't mind me asking ,who killed her"Mat asked. "Mr. Smith,I know longer call him father because he killed her" I said. "Oh I understand"Mat  said. "Is there somewhere I could put my stuff?" I asked while lifting up my backpack to show him. "Of course I'll bring you to your bedroom", he said.

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