New Day

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I woke up this morning ready to take on the world. First day of senior year. I couldn't believe it was finally here.

I jumped out of bed three minutes before my alarm went off. I turned on my morning motivatiin song and ran into the bathroom and did my daily face mask ritual before stepping into the hot shower i had running.

When I stepped out of the shower I rinsed my face and brushed my teeth. I did a double take in the mirror and checked my teeth.
I could take all the time I wanted in my bathroom since it was my own and connected to my room.

When I was done I walked to my closet and grabbed my first day outfit which was bought and put together weeks in advance.

Tan harem chiffon pants with a white baddazled collared shirt tucked in and brown leather booties. I put on my gold chain and gold earring and stuck my gold hoop through my nose.

I put mascara on and coated my lips in a nude lupstick. I sprayed my "Paris Hilton" perfume and looked at myself in the mirror

I was officialy ready for the first day of my last year of high school

"Good Morning fathead" My brother peeked his head in my room

"Now what if i was naked witcho rude no knocking ass" i said still looking myself over in the mirror.

" Girl bye. I changed them diapers you ain't got nothing I ain't ever seen before now bring yo big head self on"

I laughed at his bossiness rolling my eyes and shooing him out the door "Yea yea. I'll be down in a minute "

My brother Milan was the closest thing I had to both a father and mother. He'd been taking care of me since our grandma passed when I was 5 and he was 11.  Our mom died giving birth to me and our dad wasn't much of a dad. We don't see much of him but when we do we enjoy his company and that's that.

My brother and I live in a comfy little two bedroom apartment. He works for an IT company doing computer programming. I work at a small office, 2 blocks away from our aparment, as a receptionist.

We were a little family but a happy one.

I walked into the kitchen with my book bag hanging of one shoulder and my purse off the other. I reached into the fridge and grabbed a peach yogurt parfait. My favorite thing to munch on in the morning.

I walked to the front door where ny brother was waiting on me. He locked uo and we walked out to the front of the building. I kissed him on the cheek and we both got in our cars and pulled off, me in one direction and him in the other.


I pulled in front of Roosevelt High. Immediately the sound of kids greeting each other hit my ears and the smell of weed hit my nose. I circled the parking lot looking for a place to park when I found a spot next to a blue Jeep that had loud music and smoke seething out the windows.  I rolled my eyes and pulled in reluctantly.

I grabbed my bags and hopped out.  "Daaaaaamn! Hello" i rolled my eyes as the guy in the passenger seat started to holler after me. "Oh so you don't know me now Liberty" I burst out laughing as realization sunk in.

"You're so annoying Mike" I spun on my heels facing Michael Logan Jackson. Certified pretty boy. Mike and I got real cool last year when we had Anatomy together. He was the only person in the class I would talk to. Solely because he wouldn't leave me alone. But he grew on me. Plus he was funny as hell.

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