Chapter 1

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Alison POV

John Green once said that "the marks humans leave are too often scars." He couldn't be more right to be honest.

Hi, I'm Alison DiLaurentis and this is a story not worth your precious time of applying x-out to your acne, reading steamy fan-fictions or everlasting tears due to Jason killing Lexa off of the 100. Fucking prick.

This story may not be as important as those but you should still read it. Hell I would read it. And I'm in it. Although I don't really know what this story is about. I'm not all that interesting. I'm a tutor, I have the high number of 1 friend, I don't do sports because well that's not me, and I have never kissed anyone in my life.

Says a lot, huh?

Anyways, let's just get this over with. Time to write my life.

"Hey," Cece smiles at me as she sits down next to me. "Hey you, what's up?" She shrugs, "same old. Water shut down in my house so my mom had to wash my hair with water bottles."

I scoff and chuckle, "you guys just have the worst luck huh? Water bottle showers, dad abandoning your..." Cece glares at me and I smile guiltily, "sorry. You know me. Always running my mouth."

"It's fine, it's just you," she sips her water and the bell rings. "Wanna walk together?"

"Sure thing." I grab my bag and fix my glasses, following Cece back into school from the Quad. "So how has your first week been since you have classes with you-know-who?"

"Ah yes. She has been...a total dick."

"Ce I'm sorry. You don't deserve that."

Ever since they first found out about each other they've been at each other's necks. Emily Fields' dad Wayne Fields is also Cece's dad. Cece Fields and Emily Fields. Well Cece's real name is Charlotte but she prefers Cece. She was born as Charles Fields and her mother, Mary Drake was only just graduated from high school when she had her and Wayne abandoned them, going to college to just get another girl, his now wife, Pam pregnant with Emily damned Fields, the biggest jack-ass of them all.

Emily has always hated Cece. She makes fun of her for being trans which couldn't be more out of line and unfair considering Emily was born with a penis. She's intersex yet she always treats Cece like she's superior to her.

We walk into class and sit down in our usual seats and then she walks in. Emily is laughing with her best friend, Noel Kahn and the other basketball idiots while Hanna waltzes in with her best friend, Aria Montgomery and sits while Emily laughs about something and glances at Cece, shaking her head with a laugh that is definitely insulting.

"So I graded your tests from Friday and most of you did well. Some, not so much." Ms. Shanks gives out the tests and on the last part she hands Emily her test who looks at it and shakes her head, shoving it into her bag angrily.

I almost snort and laugh at her but out of respect I don't. I get my test and smile in victory when I see the A+ written on it with the smelly stickers. I scratch mine and sniff the sweet scent of strawberry.

"Which one did you get?" Cece asks. "Strawberry. You?"

"Watermelon," she smirks and I gasp, "asshole. That's my favorite."

"I know. Haha," she sniffs it dramatically and I roll my eyes playfully before I turn my attention to the teacher who was teaching boring Polynomials. Been there, done that.

By the time lunch rolls around it's the usual, Cece and I behind the popular table that is acting like a bunch of idiots. I see Cece staring at Hanna who is, like always, drawing. "Have you talked to her yet?"

"Nah. But we made eye contact before."

I scoff, "get married why don't ya." Cece nudges me playfully, "don't be an ass Ali Lauren."

"My bad, my bad. But seriously Ce. You're not going to get anywhere if you don't talk to he-" "Fields."

I look up and see the basketball coach, Whitey standing in the cafeteria. "Sup coach?" Emily says and Whitey chuckles, "not you. You." He points at Cece who stares at him in shock and curiosity. "Come with me."

Cece stands up and looks at me confused but I just shrug and eat a fry.

"You. Read a book or something," Whitey says to Emily, making the guys laugh. I look at their table and see Hanna smiling smally as she watches Cece walk away with Coach Durham.

"What the hell does Whitey want with that thing?" Emily hisses and I just shake my head, eating my food in silence with Charles Dickens in my hands telling me my favorite story I have read about 4 times already.

Emily POV

"What do you mean she's on the team coach?" I say at practice with a disgusted face as I look the freak up and down.

"I mean that she's on the team. Can't read or hear Fields?"

Everyone chuckles and I shake my head, "this is insane. How do we know she's good? She probably sucks!" "I saw her playing with my own eyes Emily. Watch your tone missy."

I roll my eyes and groan, slamming the basketball down as I glare at Cece, walking over to her as Whitey announces to scrimmage skins vs. shirts. I take my shirt off and the guys whistle at me in my sports bra in shorts. I laugh and flip them off, "buzz off guys."

I look at Cece, "you don't have a place here man." I shoulder her and shout at Noel to pass me the ball. I take it and spin around, passing Cece until I get to the hoop. I jump up and slam the ball in, landing on my feet as I release my grip from the rim.

"WOO! That's how we do it here!" I high five the guys and when practice is over I go to the locker room. Yes I know. Girl in a guy's locker room? Gross! But the school let me on account of my dad bribing them. It's not like any of them appeal to me in any way shape or form whatsoever.

"Hey!" I shout to Cece and walk up to her when I see her roll her eyes, "what do you want."

"I want you off the team. Nobody wants you here. Just quit while you can man."

"Or what?"

"Or things will get ugly," I say darkly as I glare at her. I see her slightly gulp, making me smile.

"You think you're the best. You're not. You're just too busy fucking yourself to see that."

Everyone "oohs" and I grunt, "wanna bet punk? You and me, tonight, midnight at the park. Bring your best game, or just game if you can find any. If I win, you quit the team."

"And if I win?"


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