The First Day

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       Ok, today I'm starting 10th grade.I can't wait to try out for the soccer team. When being an assassin you get a lot of advantages. For example I'm used to a lot of parcour which gives you a lot of skills of running. Also being able to fight can come In handy of kicking the ball.

    I went down stairs and headed to the dinning room and the second I stepped in the dining room I could smell siryp being carefully poured on to a stack of delicious pancakes.

   As I stepped into the kitchen and started sniffing the pancake air, I realized my mom was already sitting at the table eating pancakes.

    And of course my brother, Victor who had black hair that was as dark as the night sky, he was a muscular guy so I guess you could call him medium size because he's not fat and he's not too skinny. He is a very tall guy.

   I do hang out with my brother but he takes care of me a lot and very protective over me but sometimes too protective. He is a very serious person though. He's three years older than me.

    "So mom are you bringing me and Victor to school?" I asked while smiling and hoping she would say yes.

   My mom rarely brings me and Victor to school because of work and especially my dad. But when our parents don't bring us, our butler, Charles, brings us to school.

   Charles is a great man and he is very skinny but not skinny enough to see his bones. Even though he was skinny he still could fight. Sometimes I would train with him instead of my brother. Charles is a very fun guy to hang out with. Most of my day would be me, Caleb, and Charles hanging out with each other and sometimes Victor.

   "Of course I will bring you and your brother, It's the first day of school," my mom said with a smile.

   "Ok, but who's going to wake up Victor?" I said while laughing.

    "I have no clue darling" my mom said as she started to giggle too.

    "I can go jump on his bed and Charles can help me?" I asked her while laughing.

   "Sure sweety and I will help you too" my mom said as she began again to laugh with me.

    I loved doing things like that with her. My mom was a very fun person to hang out with. You never got bored with her.

   Mom and I asked Charles if he wanted to come jump with us and he said "Yes".

     We ran to Victor's room and started jumping on his bed.

   After a few more jumps Victor got up and he looked so mad. For a minute I thought he was going to  turn into a red tomato. I could tell he was prepared to fight one of us. But he then saw me laughing and began to laugh with us. Then all of us began to laugh even more.

    "Why don't we.......[I was then interrupted by my father, he looked a little like my brother but he had brown hair that was beginning to turn grey.] My father then said "Shouldn't you all be getting ready for school and work?" He's voice sounded angry and stern.

     My father used to be a kind loving man who would never frown but over the years he has changed and became a man of secrecy. He barely talked about his missions like he used to do. He has really changed.

     We could have laughed all day. But sadly my dad ruined our joyous moment.

    I then headed back upstairs to put on the outfit I picked out the day before. A black medium shirt, some jeans and regular converse.

   We headed down the road in my mom's jeep. It's a red beach jeep.

  We had the music up super loud that I'm pretty sure China heard us.

  My mom and I were singing our favorite songs and annoying my brother.

   We arrived at school. I wave to my mom goodbye and blowed a kiss to her. I stepped out of the jeep and immediately went up to Caleb and started talking to him while Victor started talking to a group of guys.

    After 7 boring hours it was finally PE, my favorite subject.

   We were playing soccer, also known as my favorite sport.

   I scored so many goals I couldn't count them. The coach again wanted me to be on the team and I said "Yes"

   That was literally the best day of school ever.

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