Chapter 2: Mt. Weather

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He became so sidetracked of hugging the beautiful blonde, he missed the fact she had fell asleep in his arms. Smiling softly, Bellamy picked her up and placed her on her makeshift bed, refusing to let him wake her. Debating, he quickly made the choice to kiss her forehead before leaving.

He didn't regret it one bit, he knew he was most likely going to die so why not. Like a lightbulb in his head, something switched on: a motivation. At that moment, he decided he would see Clarke again, Bellamy would come back to her.

" I'll be back princess....I promise." He whispered. This was it: he had promised her and even if she never heard it , he would fulfill it. 

Leaving his tent, with a sleeping Clarke inside, he met Lincoln at the gate and began walking with him: straight into death.

2 Days Later

Their feet dragging and mouths dry, Bellamy and Lincoln forced themselves through the thick ivory up the hidden path to Mt. Weather. Once they reached the tunnels Bellamy came up with a plan to make sure he'd get inside, knowing full well that Lincoln would be able to get back to camp to look after his sister.

Very quickly, after hours of torture and escaping their hold- Bellamy managed get get a trustworthy friend: Maya. She showed him to the radio box and Bellamy managed to get a hold of Raven rather quickly.

" Raven?... Bellamy to Ark station." He says into the radio but it goes all static, so he repeats it," Bellamy to Ark station, can anyone hear me." He almost pleads but doesn't let his voice falter.

" Bellamy, is that you?" It's Clarke on the other side, her voice sounds dry and croaky- his immediate thought is her well being.

" Clarke!" He exclaims

" You came through...I knew you would." She says and he can feel her smile bounce off the walls

" Bellamy we need to go." Maya whispers wearily; he nods.

" I'll keep in touch."

With that he ends it and they both head to Maya's room. He doesn't know a lot about her, all he does know is that she's with Jasper so he trusts her. Luckily for them, there's no cameras in bedrooms as it's an invasion of privacy.

They were able to set up a portable radio so now Bellamy's able to contact Raven from wherever he is; eventually, luck has found him.

"Hey Raven, you there?" He asks nervously

"Bellamy....I'm here. Hows it going down there.You should be nearly done??" Raven answers with slight concern

"I'm Fine. But i'm still mapping the building, the maps u gave me are wrong so its gonna take longer." Bellamy sighs


"I'm Fine. But i'm still mapping the building, the maps u gave me and wrong so its gonna take longer" Bellamy confesses

"Shit!" Raven punches the desk in anger, then ignoring the pain throbbing in her hand.

"Raven, Are you okay?" Clarke bursts into the room.

It's inevitably clear she's been starved of sleep, water and food: Clarke's a wreck at best. Unintentionally, Raven ignores her question and continues talking to Bellamy.

"Bellamy,"  Raven begins,"Just hurry up and call later."

"Is that Bellamy??"  Clarke runs over to the walkie talkie and Raven notices a new burst of emotion leaving Clarke: fear.

" Shit. Someones coming i gotta go"  Bellamy leaves the conversation quickly.

Raven could hear the footsteps through the radio and that means Clarke can too, all they do is worry for him. She begins to focus her gaze on Clarke, who clearly looks as if she's about to pass out.

"Clarke get some rest, u need it." Raven orders her

"I'm Fine." She grumbles

" You Haven't slept since Bellamy and Lincoln left." She protests

"I'm fine" Clarke repeats

" Clarke-" Ravens suddenly cut off by Clarke raising her voice.

"Ok Raven! I'm tired, i'm worn out and i haven't slept because i can't help but think that this plan won't work." Clarke breaths, trying to ease her nerves. Clarke begins to fight back the tears that dominate her eyes; Raven knows she's not the one for comfort but she tries her best.

"Hey. Clarke, Bellamy will be fine." Raven reassures her.

"I know he will. If anyone can do it he can." Clarke replies strongly, knowing full well he can do it. But why him? She thinks.


"I'm needed in Medical Raven, keep me up to date." Clarke almost runs out of the room leaving a baffled Raven standing alone.

It's then she begins to wonder about Clarke's feelings for Bellamy, she knows she has them but what as? All she can do now is pray that Bellamy pulls through because if he doesn't they'll have 2 wars on their hands: and they won't win, especially if Bellamy's body is being sucked dry in Mount Weather.

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