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Scarlett pov

It's been three days since my date with Caspian and things at the house where going good,everyone was getting along and my practice going even better, But, yeah you should have known that there would be a but.  Anyway as I was saying  with everything going so well the lust and attraction levels have been sky rocketing, Cas and I couldn't keep our hands of each other the,kisses where becoming longer and steamier and the hours we spent apart became harder to endure everyday.

Although it wasn't just us, when they thought no one was watching  Nova and Ruben couldn't get their hands off of each other as well, while Caspian found it disturbing and annoying because of the whole 'Best friend and sister's thing I rather found it cute.

Since we had nothing better to do we decided on going to the mall,at first the guys where against the idea but eventually we roped them in to coming along and I have to tell you they are not happy right now.

After fifteen stores they are very angry.

"Ok that's it I'm hungry and exhausted, you can go on with your shopping I'm going to the food court" said angry/hungry Caspian, his kinda cute really.

Nova was about to protests seeing she was hell bent on shopping and was about to start an argument.

"How about we all go get something to eat" I suggested

During our meal I noticed a figure walking towards us someone I have not seen in a very long time.

"Caleb" I nearly sprinted out of my seat to hug him.

"Hey Princess " returning that warm hug.

"Where and how have you been??  I missed you"

"You know me Princess I'm always good and busy and I missed you too"

I was about to introduce him to everybody then I noticed Caspian and Ruben had a protective stand both looking prepared to rip Caleb to shred.

"Ruben,Alpha it's good to see you guys again.  Ladies" Caleb bowed his head with a disturbing smirk and his aura changed to red.

The colour of evil.

The girls must have noticed my distress because Azure Jumped in using her calming ability on me while introducing herself to Caleb.

"Hi I'm Azure and that's Gabby and Nova" if I didn't know her at all I'd say she's very nice but that illuminating  smile said other wise like in her head she already killed Caleb more than hundred times and suddenly the thought became very appealing.

Nova must have noticed as well because she started to laugh causing all the girls laugh as well.

Seeing very puzzled men around us the least I could to was to explain or lie, lying sounds good.

"She is hitting on you goof ball" I lied.

Causing Nova to laugh even harder while Gabby just kept it cool.
He seemed to believe the lie and said

"Maybe we should hang out sometimes" Azure began to panic guess it's my turn to help a sister out.

"Yeah we should all hang out,  I mean I haven't see you in forever maybe we can make like a movie night" I beamed.

He was about to protest but his phone got a text alert,he looked at it smiled and said

"I will let you know about that movie date ladies."

We waved bye to him till he was out of side before I  exhaled nervously.

"Are you ok" the girls asked

"His aura turned red, fire red"

"We are leaving now" said Caspian with his alpha tone.

I wanted to protest but I knew he wouldn't let me go to the store alone.

'Nova I wanted to go to Victoria secret but he wont let me go alone you know that, sooooo help a sister out?'

I said though the mind link without even looking her way.

"Emm you guys go there's just one more store I need to check out and Ruben can come with if that will put you at ease"

Caspian seemed to be thinking about it before  he could I agree to his his sisters request. The drive home was quite I  guess that's because everyone could sense my distress.

Caleb has always been the good guy that protected me and was like a brother. When did he go evil and how does he know Caspian.

So many questions where gallivanting in my head I didn't even realise we had arrived at home. 


"How do you know Caleb? "

I didn't realise the the words flew out of my mouth but I needed to know.

"His in my pack and has been after my title as Alpha since birth, thankfully  Nick was always there to stop the fights and keep us both in check"

"A_alpha? Y_you're an Alpha? I thought Nick was the alpha"

His an alpha.

The corners of his mouth tugs upwards and the laughter erupt from him is the most beautiful Sound I've ever heard, his beautiful.

Slowly he stopped laughing, his eyes piercing mine, a huge pregnant pause filled the air while his thumb brushing slightly over my half bitten lower lip.

"Don't do that. ."

His hand held my neck firmly before our foreheads brushed together.

". . .It drives us crazy"

Us? Oh year wolf two souls. Small giggles betrayed me and left my Lip's. We stayed like that for a while then something clicked, his an alpha and alphas meet their mates from the ages of fourteen so there's a huge chance of him already having one and I'm just that girl.

Maybe that Hannah chick is his mate,she had to be I mean why else would she so protective of Caspian or it could be someone I don't know or maybe his passing time before he actually meets her.

"Cas can I ask you something? I know it's non of my business but I just feel that I deserve to know before I get my hopes up only to watch them fall and honestly you don't have to tell me anything at all but I mea. . ."

A light kiss was pressed on my lips turning in to a passionate one, I took everything I had  to push him away.

"I was rumbling wasn't I?"
He nodded is head with a huge grin.

"Do you have a mate? "

His whole body froze, eyes unreadable and with one quick second I saw emotion of regret and pain. That was all the answers I needed.

I slowly opened the car door but before he can do anything  I ran for the woods, I heard him call my name, I didn't stop I ran as fast as I could and in the distance I saw a silver light.

I paused right in front of the light hearing howls in the distance I turned to see a white Wolf running towards me. I listened to my instinct and jumped in the light watching it close behind me.

There's no turning back now.

That was the first chapter in a while  how was it?

Kay Kat.

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