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Scarlett pov

Rick and Caspian have been at it for a while now it's like I'm not even in the room with them.. .I was about to say something when Ruben bugged in" She is awake" he announced but still Cas and Rick where totally not listening and I have had enough of their conversation."HEY!!!!!." they looked at me like was a ghost but Im too annoyed to even care right now"Nova is awake! ". I walk out of the room and that Hanna chick shows up and gives me the death glare, with a smirk I pass her literally sprint up the stair case then straight to Nova's room.

"Hey how you feeling?? " I ask feeling guilty,if I didn't run off like that she wouldn't have had to come aftere and that creep wouldn't have shot her, I mean silver can be lethal to wolves and I put my friend in danger. .so much for being an all powerful witch.

"Hey I'm ok,thanks to you" Her voice was coming off soft and she looked puzzled. ."What's wrong you look puzzled and you are staring" she composed herself,she opened her mouth like she was gonna say something but closed it again and just shook her head "Im fine Scar, are you alright though,did that creep hurt you? " 

"Nah they got away,like they where running from something, you don't remember? " ofcause I had to lie I wasn't about to tell the truth. ."No after he shot me I blanked out" she stared at me for a bit like she was studying me.

"Hey how you feeling" Ruben asked standing at the door have to admit he scared me a little coz I didn't hear the foot steps, " Im fine,dont worry so much" she said to him in a tone I've never heard her use before,"Hey I can't help it,plus I gotta worry it's my job"he answered closing the gap between them then placing a soft kiss on her lip's, then I knew that tone meant *love tone* oh wow they are a couple!! I didn't  see that coming.. .Caspian cleared his throat making sure they knew he was in the room, he walked over to her an gave an *Im glad you ok* hug..

"Scarlett already told us it was Logan" I should really learn to keep my mouth shutt, coz by the glare Nova gave meant  *angry/piseed you told them* all I could say was "Im sorry". And with that I excused myself from the room and was ready to leave the house I'm exhausted I just wanna sleep I've had enough drama to last me a life time.

Ohh great just my luck HANNA!

"Well well well looky here Princess witchy witch" I've seriously had enough of this bit*h.

"What do you want" I was clearly annoyed by her and I was making it clear "Easy Witchy Just wanted to something clear" she paused and continued"Caspian is mine always was and always will you are just a speed bump in the road. . He is an alpha and you are nothing, there's wolf+wolf= perfect but Wolf+witch=hot mess

YOU JUST DON'T FIT IN! ". .ouch that really hurts but I wasn't About to give he the satisfaction of seeing me hurt.

"Well Wolfy I don't give a Rats ass about your Wolf calculations but if you must know I'm here for Nova not Caspian so you can keep him sweety! " I was proud to say that and the gave me the courage to smirk at her and that threw her off coz she stumbled on her words.

"W_what?" I know for sure that threw her off "YOU CAN KEEP HIM!!" I said just as slow and she did and In the back of my head was giving myself a high five, now that I threw her off was tine for threat stage " Now little Wolf don't mess me with or I will destroy you!" I left her there speechless and I was hurting!

I quickly found my way outside and trying to find that short cut to Gabby's I hear footsteps coming "So you just gonna leave? " oh god was hopping he didn't notice I was gone "Im exhausted Caspian just wanna go home" the truth is Im hurting and I wanted to get my head straight.

"Can I see you tomorrow.?" his voice was heartbreaking . ."I_i umm I don't know"

"please!" I felt his hands land on my shoulders and sliding down my back to my waist and spins me around to face him " Please babe" . . Babe????.  . . . Did he just??. 

"Um yeah sure ill text you" I tried to turn but he had a really tight yet soft and gentle grip around my waist. I couldn't look at him in the eyes,i knew if I did I wouldn't be able to keep my walls up.

He places a kiss on my forehead.

"Good night Scarlett"

"Good night Caspian"

When I got home Sinah welcomed me with warm hug,Gabby and Azurah followed after I immediately felt like home,tears just rolled down my cheeks and I broke down. I cried all over again and it began to rain again really hate my powers sometimes. .we spent the rest of the night watching movies and the girls trying to cheer me up which was a complete failure I was hurting like crazy.

Caspian pov

"Wolf +wolf =perfect but Wolf +witches =hot mess YOU JUST DON'T FIT IN" after hearing Hanna say that I wanted to rip her apart but what surprised me the most was the pain I got in my chest like I was being stabbed then I realised that it wasn't my feeling but they where Scarletts feelings but her response shocked me the most.

"Well Wolfy I don't give a rats ass about your Wolf calculations and I you must know I'm here for Nova and not Caspian  so you can keep him sweety." wow she seriously handled this well I disappeared before they both can see me. After Hanna went off running to Caleb I quickly followed Scarlett out. " so you just gonna leave? " she is so beautiful all I wanna do is to just make her mine but how could I do that?.  . "I'm exhausted Caspian just wanna go home" she was hurting but she didn't wanna admit it to me so for tonight I'm just gotta let her go but not tomorrow " Can I see you tomorrow?" I just had to ask I need to tell her" I_i don't know " I wasn't about to take that and answer.  . .  "Please" I don't care how desperate I sound right now but I just wanna be with her,touching her made my heart  beat outta my chest"Please babe" oh shit did I just call her babe.

"Um yeah sure ill text you" she tried to wiggle outta my grip but she couldn't she looked so adorable doing that so I did what I could place a kiss on her forehead and let her go so cute how she can't look at me in the eye.

"Good night  Scarlett"

"Good night Caspian"

I watched her walk away from me and felt defeated but tomorrow I get my girl back for real.  . .that pain in my chest just grew 10 times worse, hopefully sis will help. 

Walking in her room and ofcause she smooching with Ruben the fact that they are mates made it easy for me because if it was a random dude he would have been dead by now but he is like a brother to me made it easy. " Do you ever stop with the lip locking?" she giggled and just shook her head

"Did she leave? " she looked kinda hurt when she asked but guess she knew that she had to leave she had a rough day.  . "Yeah she left "  then there was an awkward silence for a bit and Nova didn't look like herself at all.

"Hey what's wrong ?"  she looks really puzzled.

"Um no, Scarlett is stronger that we all thought" after ahead said that I felt a sense of pride in my girl yet I was worried as to why Nova says that.

"Why do you say that lover?  Ruben asked just as curious as I am. " Well for starters I can't read her thoughts anymore, she blocked me out and she took out Logan and his buddy ." she paused to let us process all of that the continued " She can harness the power of a lightning and make earthquakes she doesn't even know how strong she is" she sighed and I was all in aww.

My head was spinning like nuts right now about a week ago she's just learned how to control  water and now she can harness lightning wow.!

That was long hope you guys enjoy this.

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