CHAPTER 6! Start of something new.

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Caspian pov

I couldn't stop thinking about Scarlett and I'm pretty sure she is asleep by now I wonder how she looks when she is asleep I'm pretty sure she is more beautiful than ever. Rick warned me about her but she is my mate I can't just leave her alone I've left her alone for over a year now I can't hold back anymore,the bond we have is amazing she makes never feel human.

"Caspian!!" oh boy here we go with the lecturer from Rick not really what I need right now.

"Coming!" I knew what Rick was gonna say and we will eventually end up fighting,Rick is our protector I get that but I'm still the alpha. Walk past the kitchen for some snacks being a Wolf is adragg we always hungry. ."Yeah you wanted to talk? "I was already prepared for a fight."Yeah um how's Scarlett? "

"What? "I was super shocked but didn't let my guard down at all.

" I asked how's Scarlett. .I mean you spent the day with her right? "What was Rick asking me I mean I understand the question but I'm confused." Uhh yeah I was with her.. " I sighed and continued"Rick I'm confused didn't you want me to stay away from her? "

"Yes Caspian I did and still do we have to figure out what she is and why doesn't she belong to a coven and how can a witch survive as long as she has without a coven.  . But ever since the lightning saga I realised you are her protector and I can't change that. . . . . . .plus you can keep her safe" He smiled.

I walked towards the office door when Caleb walked in and whispered in my ear"She is mine Caspian!". .Caled had known Scarlett longer than I have and he was supposed to the alpha of our pack but when I turned 16 I transformed from a gray Wolf to a white Wolf and I was stronger than them all thus making me the alpha,the one thing that irritates me the most is the fact that he is treating Scarlett like a property to be claimed. She is so much more than that. My rage wash growing faster and faster I could feel myself shifting, I was not about to shift when a very soft voice calmed me down "Caspian no,no,no calm down please "the please sounded more like a sigh and that voice I know it it's Scarletts voice .I calmed  and focused on that voice and my vision was red like I was still in Wolf form"How did you do that? " I asked her.Thats all I could say before I passed out.


Scarlett pov

I was half way through my sleep when my heart began to ache,my eyes shot open and I was in red mode and I saw Caspian I'm some sort rage and pain he had what looked smoke coming out his body "Caspian no,no,no calm down please" thats all I said with tears rolling down my cheeks and I heard him say "How did you do that?? " before he passed out. .him passing out I felt light headed.

In the morning I worried about him I wanted to know more about how he was doing. ."Scarlett darling are you hungry? " Sinah looks at me like she knew more than she letting on." Um sorry I not hungry ill grab something later " I tried my best to give her a smile and before she could continue what she was about to say everyone walked in the kitchen all chappy and happy Nova already raiding the fridge.

"Im going to take a shower" I announced then walked out. Took a quick answer then walked out to the garden sat down closed my eyes thinking about Caspian. Why was I so attached to him so much,soon as I opened my eyes I was in red mode but this time it was different it hurt like nuts felt like my head was about to explode and I saw a memory of two years ago when I was on my way back home from a party,my friends had left me I decided to walk home and got lost I whined up in the dark alley alone and there where people coming behind me and I started to run and they ran faster till they caught up to me one of them grabbed me threw me on the ground and I don't remember much because I was knocked does Caspian know about that night?.

Da da daaa lol.

The pov will tend to be confusing because some happen on the same time some in a different time frame.  . Enjoy!

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