CHAPTER 3 -Im a WHAT part .

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The book was mainly supposed to be about witches and werewolves then all sudden I got this cray cray idea about demigods.

Caspian Pov

"Aaaaaaaaaa" I screamed in pain my whole body felt like it was electrocuted I could feel myself shifting, how am I shifting it's not a full moon yet what's happening.

"Caspian!!" Rick was screaming my name but I couldn't tell what was happening to me them I head Rick instruct Caleb and Ruben to bring me inside.

I thought to myself it'd was her it was happening but it can't be she is not 18 yet I still have a couple odds days before she discovers herself.


Scarlet pov.

"Scarlet,wake up darling" that's Sinahs Voice I was being shaken and my head was pounding and body was hurting,could this day get any worse?.

"Guys she is moving,Scarlet girl wake up"lol I should tell Azura her accent is amazeric wish I had one. "I feel like I just got hit by a bus, stepped on by an elephant and rolled like a pancake. . .what happened?" after that statement everyone chuckled and Gabby said I have a sense of humour when I want to lol.

"You created a lightning and it knocked you out, Scarlet darling you are a very strong witch I've never met any witch like you in year's"Sinah sighed and we all walked back to the house.

When we go to the house Gabby ordered pizza because Nova was hungry again I worry about that girl. .Sinah said that we are element witches and that only four are born every 100 years because they are the protector of some key stones that controls the world but the key stones Have been lost for over 500 years when the first Hybrid baby was born Cassidy she lived in secret till she turned 18 she was killed after she first shifted into a Wolf,her coven thought she was an abomination so she was murderd and no hybrid child has lived longer than 18 years of age.She also said that Cassidy had a baby was she/he was never discovered because she/he was not a hybrid,at least that's what people thought.

Sinah says that the world hasn't completely deteriorated because of the gods has been taking care of the world ever since the key stones went missing.It was getting late so Gabby drove us home we dropped off Nova at her house first,then Azura I was the last one to be dropped off. I waved good bye to her and I opened the door "Mom Dad you home"shouted at I walked through the door.

"Nope just me"Caleb said popping the *P*.. ."OMG Caleb!" I grabbed him pulling him into a hug. .Caleb was my best friend growing up we where the best of friends till his family moved abroad when we were in eight grade I haven't see him since .

"How did you get in here? "I was literally screaming I composed myself I was back to normal.

"I bumped in to your brother earlier today and he gave me his keys and I figured you already ate so I bought dessert. . Chocolate deluxe cake" he pointed the box on the table.

"Caleb you are amazing!". .we ate our cakes the we spent the rest of the night talking I then feel asleep on the couch.

start of dream.

"Scarlet" a soft calming voice called me the place was still dark but it felt familiar safe and homy. I walked towards the voice with caution."Open your eyes sweety you have to see the beauty of this place." the voice said,i hadn't even realised my eyes where closed I open them and I was underwater the water was warm the life down here was amazing everything was in harmony. ."Where am I" I mumbled to myself I was exploding there cove and It was amazing.

"Bend the water sweetheart you control the water just feel the water with your every sense trust me" that voice "Who are you why can't I. . " my dream was cut sort when Caleb woke me up.

End of dream

"Scarlet wake up, it's midnight and you gotta get to bed and I have to go. " he kissed me on my forehead and then carried me up to my room *Bridal style*.

I tried to go back to my dream but I ended up having a random dream about puppies and cats.

Stupid alarm clock! I got out of bed went to shower dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and purple tank top with a Black cardigan with my Nike sneakers. .I don't have to wake Keith up today he stayed over a Luwelas. I check my phone and I got 4 texts messages from the girls and Caleb.

Girl you ok,just checking up on you. :-)x


How you feeling? Got home ok? x


Hey girl ready for today?x


Was nice seeing you again Aqua.

I just smiled then just tossed my phone. I wonder if Caleb will go to our school or be home schooled like always,on my way to the kitchen my vision was red and then I saw a lightning hit some guy he was hot and screaming in pain he turned to look at me and it was Caspian!. I grasped for air rubbed my eyes and my vision was fine again. Ok I'm officially loosing my mind.


Hey Gabby can I get a ride to school?


Coolio see you in 10.

Why was Caspian in so much pain and why did he get hit by that lightning and why was I feeling that pain?

Yaii the book is going great.. . Good night guys I will update again tomorrow.

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