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Double update enjoy hulle(You guys)



Damn alarm. .I don't remember how I fell asleep last night or even how I got to bed because I remember watching TV so yeah it's all fuzz. . I wiggle myself outta bed and walk to my calendar and cancel out yesterday and I got 9 days before my birthday, nine days before I unlock all of my powers but finally nine dreaded days before I find out the truth about myself. After all that I walk to the kitchen to make myself food and there was a note stuck to the fridge

Gone out for few days Scarlett you are in charge, Gabby protect the girls and keep My house clean. .NO PARTIES, NO BOYS AND DO NOT PRACTICE MAGIC WITHOUT ME!!
Nova dear try not to eat up the house, Azura make sure Gabby follows my rules. Love you girls be safe


Lol wow ok I'm in charge, wait what does that mean??  Ok let me make sure everyone reads the note.  AZURA,  GABBY  get down here I call them down and no answer so I decide to get them from their rooms and Azura was already on her way down

"Morning sleepyhead" I giggle at how cute she looks in the morning without all of he make up. ."Scar why you up so early??  It's not even 10 yet and it's friken Sunday morning"  clearly she is not a morning person

"Lol" and she rolls her eyes at me "Sinah is outta town for a while and she left this" I show her the note and she laugh" Well should have read the note sooner then I would have stopped Gabby last night" huh?? Stopped Gabby I'm confused"What do you mean by that? " I questioned her but the just shruggs and walk away.

I quickly pace to Gabby's room and instinct tells me to knock and I do,"Gabby I know you are in there open up gotta talk " I shouted.

" Umm y_yeah b_be out in a b_bit"she starters and I press my ear to the door just to hear what's happening in there and I hear whispering and I quickly back away when I hear footsteps and she slightly opens the door and I hand her the note she reads it and her smile grows super big and let out a huge sigh.. "Mom is not here? " she questions and I nod " Are you sure? " she asks gain " Yes Gabby so are you coming down for breakf.. . " I didn't finish that when a tall blond muscular good looking guy walks out of her room kisses her on the cheek and walks away and I'm standing there wide eyed like an idiot!

"Was that? " she nod with rosy red cheeks .

"Wow" thats all I could say.

"Promise you won't tell?" she nags as I walk away "Please don't tell Scar, please mom would kill never if she knew I brought a boy home" I just kept quite and walked to the kitchen I was hungry way too hungry to deal with this drama.

"You know you could have warned me" I say glaring at Azura who just shrugged and laughed.

"Wow" the I laugh with her and take a sip of my juice and Gabby is standing there stressing "Chill will yah I wont tell, I wouldn't wanna gett on Justins bad side" I say and chuckled some more.

" You know him" guess that humiliated her even more "Yes Gabs, been living in this town longer than you have " we eat and Gabby does the dishes I go shower got a long day ahead of me.

After that relaxing hot shower walk to my closet open it and sit infront of it not knowing what to wear, finally decide on a black pair of skinnies, gray sweatshirt and my Black vance. And just tie my hair up in a bun, applied bit if eye liner and mascara and I'm done.

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