CHAPTER 2-Im a what!!

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WHAT!.. what's happening to me I must be going crazy first it was the water and now this,ohh I get it I'm still dreaming.

"Scarlett are you a witch? " Gabby was freaking me out she looker's at me with so much joy and she was freaking me out.

"Im not a witch Gabby they don't exist and that is a fact."as much as I didn't want to admit it there was something about me that was weird really weird. I was quickly snapped back to reality when she grabbed my wrist and I felt like I'm drowning but I wasn't in the water,"Gabby I'm drowning stop"grasping for air and she removed her hand from my wrist and I could breath again.

"Look outside Scarlett"She instructed me. I turned my attention to the window and the sprinkles formed a bubble of water just floating like what happened in the shower earlier today.

"Did I do that? "she nodded and without saying a word she torched the beaker and I was speechless and my eyes where wide open.Gabby sighed and said to me in very low tone"Scarlet can you come over my house after school and I will explain everything".

I couldn't wait for the rest of the day to how by but it was one of those days,long depressing days and the only thing in my mind was how weird this day was going. Do my parents know about me being a witch,how is it I'm a witch?. . During lunch I had to find the most secluded place to sit and think and I found a table at the far end of the cafeteria and sat there, My quite time was quickly interrupted by Gabby and two other girls I've never seen before I think they are new as well.

"Hey Scarlett,This is Nova"  Gabby she said pointing at the girly with curly brown hair perfect hazel eyes."and this is Azura and they are new here just like me and we all witches" I rolled my eyes at the last statement witches are not real.

"Look Scarlett I know you don't believe we exist but how do you explain the sprinkle incident?" she looked at me like she was expecting an answer I just shrugged and looked down at my food. It's like she knew I was feelings uncomfortable so she changed the topic,Gabby and the girls were talking about their own stuff and I zoned out thinking about well everything it was like my mind was in a marathon.

After school came by quickly and I had to make a choice go home and forget about today or go with Gabby and the girls to find out what's wrong with me.

"Mini-munch!" I hate that name but my brother loved it so I just let him call me that. "Would you please not call me that at school please,its kinda embarrassing" I plead all the time to Kieth about that name but it's like he doesn't hear me at all like seriously. He just shook his head and said "Nope" popping the *P*,"Anyway can you catch the bus back home Luwela is coming over for the week and I'd like to spend some time with her before she leaves for uni again" Keith said and walked away tapping my shoulder and left.Guess that meant I had to find Gabby and solve this witch business.

"Gabby! Wait up" I ran up to her and the girls.omg I should really train I'm outta shape,i finally get to her car and had to catch my breath."You don't work out much do you?"  Nova ask me with the expression like she was about to burst in to laughter but Gabby and Azura where already laughing, I liked the atmosphere felt hommy.

The drive to Gabbys house was long because we got hungry on our way there so we stopped at Mac.D for some burgers and milkshakes. Before I could finish my burger Nova was already at her second burger that girl eats alot how does she keep that figure?. We pulled out at Gabbys house wow was huge at the edge of town very close to the woods.

"My micasa! Sorry we still living out of boxes" she walks up the stairs and shout "Mom!" we all just walk to the kitchen and Nova is eating again like seriously!.

"Hello girls" said the lady with long thick black hair gray green eyes wow I see why Gabby so gorgeous her mom is a goddess.

"Hi Mra Winchester"the girls said simultaneously and I realised I was stating. "Um,uhh Hi" I said shyly.

"Oh call me Sinah I haven't been Mrs Winchester since my husband died"she walked to the fridge and took out bottle of water then instructed us to follow her outside. Their back yard was beautiful really breath taking. We walked out to the woods and went down the river.we sat down on a field and Sinah began so talk.

" Scarlett you don't really believe that witches exist but we do and not only us, there covens and covens of witches all over the world.vampires,gods,werewolves and Hybrids." she paused and said "You girls are the Four might be the most powerful witches I've met in years. .Gabby show them please.".

Gabby got up and cluched her fiist and then fire formed a circle around her causing her to float.that was jaw dropping moment,she stopped and took a bow *gloating*. Nova was next to demonstrate her poweres,she stood like she was doing squads then stretched her hand the ground shook and huge rock moved from the group she re-shaped the rock in to a bunny and placed it in the middle of the field.*wow*

"My turn" Azura announced literally jumping up to demonstrate her power,she stood up and the air around her picked up and she was causing a mini-tornado wow this girls are amazing."I would make a bigger tornado but that would cause the city panic."Azura said with her Russian accent.

"I guess it's my turn" I sighed and got up I don't know what I'm doing but hopefully  something will happen.

"Hey look try to remember how you were feeling in chemistry hey"Gabby was comforting me I like her.

"Ok" I can do this. I closed my eyes and tried to remember the feeling I had of the dream and in chemistry then I felt a lightning strike then everything went blank I passed out.

I will continue with this chapter I'm off to bed now night night.

Hopefully this book is really catches on people interest.

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