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Sorry I haven't been updating as much but been so busy . .how's the book so far??

Gabby pov.

Scarlett just got up and left following Caspian and I didn't have the edge to protect her. Its been hours now since Scarlett left me and the girls are starting to freak out, word around school is that Caspian and his group are bad news and I could smell his Mut sent from a far.

I haven't told anybody that I'm a hybrid half vampire and half a witch one of the elementals,im scared that If I tell them they would reject me and I've had that to last me a life time*flash back to 1960* "Gabriella  you have to leave my child I will not let anyone harm you go with your Mothere you will be safe and remember I love you and I'm sorry" my father was one of the most powerful vampires of all times but when I was born we lived in secret till I was fully grown. One night our palace was attacked and my father died saving me and mother I Miss him dearly .
*end flash back*

*Gabby darling are you alright? "mom was worried about me she was a vampire too but I turned her and I feel guilty all the time but Mom says she can't die before her job has being completed.

"Yes mom I'm alright"i forced out a smile.

"I Miss your father too darling "she gave me tight hug and I was at ease,mom had the power to control emotions so I'm guessing she calmed me down.

"I smell Caspian but I Can't smell Scarlett."mom and I used our super speed down stairs where Nova and Azura where eating. We all ran to he door.Omg she wearing his clothes,Caspian leans close to her face and whispers something causing her to blush and that was so sweet. She turned towards us and we all wanted to know what the hell happened.

Scarlett p.ov

This is awkward. I took a deep breath and started walking to the door with my cheeks flushed and Gabby took my hand pulled me upstairs and said to me "you need a showeer you can borrow my clothes after".

"Oh gee thanks " I was being sarcastic she just giggled and stuck her tongue out.

"Try not to freeze the water in mid air please,water bill" I heard Sinah say with giggles from the other side of the door. .I took a shower and went to get dressed then went down stairs to everyone just as I was entering the living room my vision went red again and I knew what was about to happen,"Caspian you need to be careful around her you don't know what she is and yet you told her the biggest secret Rick is gonna murder  you" the guy said with a huge smile."She is a witch.  .  .my Witch" he said and my vision was normal again.. did that really just happen*my witch *? What does he mean by that.

"Scarlett??  Hello is anybody in there" Azura was waving her hands in front of me "Where else would I be? "

"Sarcastic Scarlett. S.S" Gabby said from the other side of the room then everyone just broke into laughter and it was fun.

Ding dong *doorbell*

"Pizza" Nova announced running to the door and I texts my dad telling him I'm sleeping over at Gabbys because her mom said she was going to tell us some truth and our past.

"Nova stop hoovering the pizza we all hungry"Azura was pissed at Nova apparently she ate her pudding earlier today.

Beep beep

I quickly grabbed my phone to check the text and it was from my dad so just ignored it,was kinda disappointed really." Hoping it was from Price Caspian?" Nova  said and we all looked at her and simultaneously said *Prince Caspian * then laughed but I could tell she was nervous like she has just revealed a deep secret and  Sinah noticed it too because she stood up walked to the book shelf taking out the biggest book I've ever seen then she asked us " Do you guys know the story of Elementals?" ofcause everybody knew except me." We will fill you In boo" Azura said putting her hand around my neck.

Sinah told us stories about the four witches that protected the elements and how they fell inlove with their protectors but 100 years ago one witch fell inlove with a god of lightning and the creators where angry that the witch was killed and the god was never found. Stories says that they had a child but the child was a myth. That around the same time another witch was inlove with a vampire and their child was a myth, the only pure bred witch and wolf child was born but she/he is heavily protected and they where twins. That this four kids can build or destroy the piece between the creatures and end the fude between vampires and wolfs .

We where all in awww after Sinah told us the stories. "Look girls you need to rest you have training tomorrow morning and after that you can go hang out, ohh girls I will be talking with your parents to let you come live with us that way training is easier" What?!! 

"Good night girls ".

"Night mom" we all said and she just smiled then walked up.

"SOOOOOO? " all eyes where on me now I'm guessing I had to start telling about my day with Caspian.

I told them everything and I even showed them what he taught me I couldn't go without blushing . ."Awww S.S is in love with a hot Mut " Gabby was laughing the hardest.

I quickly checked my phone and was from Caspian my heart was beating outta my chest and my cheeks flushing who just recovered from my momentarily blushmentation( word made up:-)). .


So I figured you are done briefing your girls because I'm done briefing my lads. .good night my little witch.

Yeah I kinda saw your briefing. .good night my mut


I'm sorry meant to say good night my little wolfie.

"Sooo yall official?" Gabby asked.

"No we are not official and we are not anything now please drop it" I couldn't even keep a straight with that we decided on watching a movie then went to sleep.

I've decided to put p.r.os from other characters to keep the story interesting.

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