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Scarlett pov

It feels like I've been walking for days my feet are killing me and as if this day couldn't get any worse I'm lost and cold,ive never been in this part odds the woods before and I'm freaking out.

I find a tree and stitch underneath it to relax.

*why didn't he tell me he has a girlfriend?* I mean if I knew I wouldn't be feeling this pissed. .why am I pissed it's not like we are dating or anything we just. . We nothing at all, I could feel my tears rolling out my cheeks and I'm crying and it started to rain,i checked the whether and it wasn't scheduled to rain but with my lung it just had to rain.

I don't care anymore I'm wet, I'm cold and I'm lost and the one guy I fell in love with is taken just great. . Time to go I guess,the more I walked the more I cried and the more I cried the more it rained. Aries was wrong I'm not his mate I'm nothing to him nada zilch just nothing.

Caspian pov

"Scarlett!" my first words before she walked out, what got her so upset. .my eyes shot open when I smelled a similar scent *HANNA!* what the fuck she doing here and what did she do to Scarlett.

"W_what are you doing here" I sounded so broken and I felt a tear roll down my cheek but why am I so emotional?

"OMG you crying,aww baby I missed you too love" what she talking about? I didn't say anything but gave Nova access to my mind* I need to find Scarlett,shes hurt and cold I gotta find my girl sis*

*don't worry I'll go* she gave a nod and left the room. .now I gotta deal with Hanna kinda regret not ending things sooner. "Hanna,why are here" I manage to speak "Well you are my alpha mate and I care about you" she said wrapping her arms around my body for a hug.

Ruben interrupted by clearing his throat"So Cas, what happened" I wanna tell them about Scarletts powers but I can't do that now"I don't know,self control" I hope Scarlett is alright damn I love this girl.hope my sister comes through for me.

"Ruben,Hanna leave now! " Nick said storming in my room,he was furious " What did I do now? " I asked almost sounding sarcastic.

"What the hell happened?" after he asked that was about to lie but then he said"And Caspian don't you dare lie to me" Yaiks.

" I lost control over my shifting "that's all I could say"No shit hey I know but how did you do it" he was man-handling me and I was intimidated"I don't know " I howled back "I said don't lie Caspian!" goth Nick us trying to get me to shift right now "Nick!! " I yelled

"What is she? " he screams at me and at this point I wasn't about to tell Nick anything."Nick put him down NOW! " Ruben yelles him and he let's go "We are not done talking alpha" he bows and walk out.

" Did Nick just bow to Caspian?" Ruben was shocked as much I was,why did he so that. I was still worried about Scarlett hope Nova found her,i grabbed my phone and called Nova.

*hey did you find her "
*not yet I'm still looking but I think I know where she is*
*where? *
* there's a part in the woods that's raining and since she is a water elemental that must be her*
*she that powerful*
*she is hurt Caspian!. Deal with Hanna Cas and fast*

Soon as she hang up I walked over to Nick's office and I heard Caleb and Hanna speaking "You didn't have to through her like that" Caleb said, "Well I had to make it believable,you didn't tell me she could revive him" what's happening right now, did Caleb plan this? I continued to listen to their conversation." I didn't know she was that powerful" I disappeared before they could see me. I think it's time Sinah knew the truth so they can protect her, I used the back door out to Gabbys house.

Scarlett pov

I could tell someone was coming towards me but didn't know who it was and hoping it wasn't Caspian.

"Scarlett " I heard Nova shout my name and I didn't respond just continued to walk till she caught up to me" You know the more you cry the more it rains?" no I didn't know that but that explain why she wasn't that wet."What do you want Nova" I didn't even wanna look at her just wanted to go home my home not at Gabby's.

" Believe it or not I'm here because you need a friend" she isn't right I need a friend right now but not Nova she isn't Caspians sister" Who can hear your thoughts by the way" she said " Get outtta my head Nova " I screamed at her and lightning struck breaking few brunches from a tree.

I ignored it and just walked Nova followed me anyway,we walked in silence till it finally stopped raining guess Nova was right I made that rain, with a sigh I said" thanks,you probably think I'm stupid getting all worked up over your brother" she leaned over for a hug " Look I don't think you are stupid at all I just really think you are his mate that's why everything is so complicated" she gave a smile then walked some more" you were lost? Went you? " she chuckled and we both bust in laughter, suddenly Nova stopped moving and laughing all together "Logan!" Nova said she looked like she was about to fight when another dude showed up behind us" Well well well what do we have here? " he was stroking my hair and I didn't like that at all. *don't worry ill protect you* Novas voice echoed I'm my head.

Before she could do anything Nova was shot and she was lying on the floor and the other dude Logan was with jumped me and said " Ama take you then kill you princess" eww eww no I was not about to get raped by him,i began to cry hoping it would rain but it didn't rain, great the knee time I best rain the most then there's nothing. .he ripped my shirt off and I was left with my vest on lucky I put that on today but still felt exposed.

I stated to scream *help* " No one can hear you sweetheart" Logan said and gave the dude a nod to continue. The more I screamed the angrier I got, my birth mark began to burn and got more painful then lightning strak again only this time I was controlling it, I threw the dude off of me aimed the lightning at him and strak him then Logan just when I was about to celebrate I got strak by a lightning but It didn't hurt was kinda like I called the lightning and it was a part of me.

After that whole saga I walked over to Nova who was just laying there on the floor but still alive,i pulled the little silver bullet out of her body waited for her to heal.

So many things going on right now in my now in my head, so how ama try to create a shield in my thoughts from Nova no one can hear or see this day ever!


This book is my first and I'm so excited. .

School been so stressful super excited I got a long weekend that means more upgrades.

Enjoy guys.

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