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This is for a very dope friend hope he enjoy this lol (he is inlove with Scarlett) hope you know Caspian is very protective!..

Caspian pov

Walking through the woods with Wolf speed made the trio to Gabby's house very short, I was also lost in my thoughts that I didn't even realised I was walking guess you can say my instinct took over and lead the way. I took a very deep breath when I got the door, I was Gabby to be down her already due to her being a vamp and all.


I rang the doorbell twice before I decided to walk away because no one was home,thats what I thought anyway.

"Caspian!? " I hear someone call and I turned around just to see Sinah standing at the door and I sighed in relief and walked towards the door and I was really nervous the woman is the strongest witch I know "Yeah uum just thought there was no-one at home" I rubbed my hand behind my neck very nervously.

"Why are you here child?" she looked really puzzled,given our history I don't blame her at all.

"I think Scarlett is in danger" her eyes widened and she invited me in. She seemed a little uneasy so I got straight to the point but it's gonna be supper awkward mentioning Hanna.

"Caleb and m_eh my ex Hanna are trying to hurt Scarlett." I paused for a sec and continued" Caleb has been after my title,he wants to be the alpha so much the hurting Scarlett is not a problem anymore, just thought I'd give you the heads up." I was ready to leave when she offered me a drink, have to admit she caught me off guard.

As the time went by I felt her ease up around me and fully planned on how to protect Scar and I have to say she is a wise woman. I left before the girls could come back but first I had to go find my girl. 

As I walked in to the woods Nova scent was getting stronger and stronger till I finally caught a familiar scent was rosy scent with a touch of mint and I knew it was Scarlett.

When I saw them walking Nova seemed really weak I rushed over to them and when I got there I noticed the bags below Scarlett's eyes and she'd been crying!. It made my heart sink and my inside Wolf to cringe knowing we let her down and didn't catch her when she fell.  .I stood there staring in her eyes hopping some sort of emotion and I couldn't read her she stood there with an empty face,i couldn't help but curse Caleb for bringing Hanna back.

Scarlett pov

I saw a very familiar figure emerge from afar and my heart skipped a beat when I realised the it was Caspian and he seemed fine, I was very pleased with my work and thankful to Aries as well.

He stared at me with stars in his eyes I could tell he was furious with himself and I was too with myself. I should have stayed for him to explain who that girl was or at least be there when he woke up he might have needed me he still does I can see it in his eyes.  .Oh god he must have noticed the bags under my eyes from all the crying. .he was so nervous the first thing he said was "Your wet!." then he corrected himself after realising that sounded weird"Eh no I mean your immersed how did that happen it didn't rain today" I couldn't help but mentally laugh "Water witch remember" It came out colder than I mean it to be but I was not about to let him off easy.

He carried Nova all the way back to the Wolf house and I felt the need to be there to prove that I'm better than that Bit*. . I mean better than Hanna. So I just followed behind.

Soon as we walked through the doors Ruben was the first to come sprinting down the stairs for Nova,Caspian asked him to take her. ."Rick can I talk to you? " I asked nervously,he gave a strange look then nodded leading me to his study Caspian following close behind.

I didn't know where to begin but I knew I had to tell them something."So are you gonna stand and look pretty? " he was clearly furious, I cleared my thought and began to speak " we got attacked in the woods,thats  why She is hurt. .she got hurt protecting me" I saw their faces flood with worry."Did you see them? "Rick asked.

"Umm yeah I did actually and got one name um Logan" I looked down on my hands knowing I couldn't tell them what he tried to do.

"Logan?? "Caspian looked horrified after saying that I'm confused do they know each other??" do you know him" I asked and Rick asked me to describe him and so I did.

"Earth to Caspian" I snapped my fingers at him,he totally looked out it. "Did he tell what he was after? " Rick asked looking like he was trying to keep his cool.

"Nope he saw Nova and started to attrack"as soon as I said that Rick and Caspian nodded at the same time and said "Whats the plan??!!" I am totally confused. .


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