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This book need some serious editing and I'll do that once I'm done writing it.  .I'm sorry yall with all the errors.

Some one asked me to add some sex scenes in the story I'd like to know if yall are down for that!?

Scarlett pov

After the kiss we sat down but neither of us said a word but just enjoyed the food.

"Do you want the last chocolate strawberry?"

"Hmmm no thanks" I answered

"Come on it may very well be the best chocolate strawberry on the planet and you won't know that because you not gonna eat it" he really has a way with words.

"okay okay I'll eat the strawberry" he laught and his voice was just so mesmerizing.


"You like?" He was right was extra juicy and delish

"I love,you were right best strawberry in the world. . . .universe even" we both laught.

We stayed quite for a bit enjoying the sound of nature around us but I wanted know more about him."You know, I never really thanked you for bringing me back" he was clearly thankful but I had to bring him back."Yeah  you never did"I answered with a smirk.

"I will one day" he was playing charming I like.

"You said that Hanna was the first female wolf you've ever met?"I was starting to be curious because Nova is a wolf soo kinda confused here.

"Hmm" he answered with a nod.

"Soo what about Nova?" I mean she is a wolf,he tilted his heads slightly to look at me and I could tell wasn't expecting me to ask.

"Well Nova is my twin and I'm a wolf its always been like that till she turned 18 that's when her wolf gene surfaced and we knew she was a hybrid. . ." he took a long deep breath and continued."She started to control the elements and her power became stronger and we where separated" seems like today I've had to pick my jaw up alot.( ha ha ha get it?) . ."Nova is your twin?" Is that the only thing I got from all of that story?

"Is that all you got from the story?" Its like he was reading my mind.

"No, just think Nova should be the one to tell me.  .you know" I answered while playing with my fingers, I seen to do that when I'm nervous.

"You know that when you are nervous, fedle with your fingers" he said with a small laugh and leaning closer to place a kiss on my cheek, causing me to blush.

We sat and talked for hours and he even trained me for a bit,learned how to control my wind balance and water control and of cause the was a lot of K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

It was getting dark and I was feeling sleepy a bit woren out,just wanted to stay here.

"Babe you sleepy?"

"Hmm" that's all I could say because my eyelids where on the break of shutting. I tried to stay awake but sleep was too powerful.

Curse you sleep


Caspian pov

I came back from loading the car when I found Scarlett balled up under the tree sleeping so cute. I went over to pick her up when I realised the faint lines on her forehead creating some sort of a diamond like and that was weird.

I picked her up and put her gently in the passenger seat and kiss her on her lip dimple, that alone made me blush, thank goodness Ruben is not here to see this.

I go to the drive though at Mac D and get some food for the girls and I. Just remembered that Nova went back to Gabs house today so everyone will be there just get extra food just in case.

"So cutie mind leaving your number babe"the weird girl at the window says and I just laugh at that.

I dailed Nova just to check if I was Right.

"Where the hell are you with Scarlett?" She yelled from the other side of the phone
" We on our way chill will you"
"Don't tell me to chill we are starving and she is the only one who loves cooking, do you know how cranky I get when I'm hungry?" OK my sister has really lost it because I swear I heard a houl a little.

"Are you all at Gabs?"

"I'm coming" I hang up before she could say anything.

I arrived at the house and my sister was the first to storm outta the house.

"Back seat" I told her before she killed me,I walked over to the passenger seat and carry Scarlett out to the house.

"Is she alright"they all asked in unison and Gabby literally jumped out of her seat.

"Yeah just asleep. . . .Bedroom?" I asked but no one answered me because they were all hoovering over the food.

"Hey leave some for the alpha!" I laughed after that Gabby finally said something.

"Upstairs last door on your left" finally someone tells me,I carefully walked to her room and lay her on the bed and kiss her.

When I switched off the light her forehead was glowing brighter than before,a white bright light and I found it sexy.

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