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*This one shot compilation is meant for aged 18+ peeps, EXO's byuntae fangirls, open minded people, and those who have the feels to read these.

*Don't read or continue if you're not into sexy or lustful stories. I'm warning you.

*NO MINORS ALLOWED. If you're a minor and still going to read these, then it's not my fault if you get caught.

*You can request some one shots by message board or inbox. Just send me a message about it.


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PS: Always check the chapters list. You might miss one when I add a chapter. :) There are imagines that are added in this book on a batch.. so please check out the table of contents on the next page to see what batch I'm talkin' about :)

PPS: Sorry if it's lame -_-

PPPS: ALL ONE SHOTS YOU ENCOUNTER IN THIS BOOK ARE MINE. If, by chance, there's a similar plot of my story with the others', then it's a coincidence. I just really made these with my wild and crazy imagination. LOL peace yo


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