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Sweet killer -《JayWon》 by jakeyjakeyy
Sweet killer -《JayWon》by deedeey
jungwon got himself in trouble. A story where jungwon was walking late at night then he heard screamings .....he was curious to see what was happening but instead he tr...
As your wish... by Fire_puppy
As your wish...by KHWBYH
ကိုယ့္အေသြးအသားကို မင္းစိတ္ျကိဳက္သံုးေဆာင္ပါ hyunee... (warning:Chanyeol bottom!!) Baekyeol/Chanbaek Yaoi RatedM Sorry for bad writings 90°bow #Yoohyunee
The Caged Ferret by frieshamarceline
The Caged Ferretby Draco Malfoy
This is a Drarry fanfic, (Harry x Draco). Harry is seme, (top). Draco is uke, (bottom). This story will pick up after the defeat of Voldemort. Harry and Draco are retaki...
A Day Like Today by BlueRexie15
A Day Like Todayby Sandra Morales
Sandra is 27 years old and she hates the idea of where she works but she didnt expect that on a day like Monday her whole life turns around. And the people in her life f...
Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story) by Jenlichaesoo
Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story)by Jenlichaesoo Parkimanoban
"So, 6 days, we are only away for six days and I think we missed a lot? Mind to explain what happened inside our house? What's with you two?! Did you enjoy your alo...
Sexual Fantasies by AceeA1
Sexual Fantasiesby SexualFantasies🥴❤️
Sexual short read about all the sexual happenings/fantasies of the author.
The Beautiful Pair by llamamama1212
The Beautiful Pairby llamamama1212
Ok wow, hello! I haven't been on here in about two years and I deleted incredibly cringey works that I did. I never really used this app much so aha..but I'm here now an...
Dragon's Fire: A Game of Thrones Fanfiction by Woolley119
Dragon's Fire: A Game of Thrones F...by Woolley119
"If you don't send me a bride! Your kingdom will be introduced to fire!" After Lord Tywin receives a very heated letter from Viserys Targaryen. He has no choi...
A Ladybugs Dream Come True #2  by darksmall-Lady_3573
A Ladybugs Dream Come True #2 by Ms.isabella357
sequel to a cat's curiosity. RATED M! so marinette and Adrien have been dating for a month now and they decided that they wanted to go publicly announce that ladybug and...
I Love You, Best Friend. by Kasichapman
I Love You, Best Friend.by Kasi
"I love you," I whispered as I ran my hands through her hair, "more than you will ever know." She shifted under my touch and I jumped backwards quick...
Love Potion No.9 (AkkoxAndrew oneshot) by karin-ochibi-chan
Love Potion No.9 (AkkoxAndrew ones...by karin-ochibi-chan
As usual, Sucy uses Akko to test her potions; unfortunately, it causes some issues. Warning: Sin/Lime. Andrew/Akko
Afraid.... by outlawqueenlove8
Afraid....by outlawqueenlove8
Hey guys I'm back!! God I missed watt-pad. Okay so i had really bad writers block but I'm over it!! Yay so this is basically a story about regina being afraid to love an...
sippy cup. by busanteam
sippy cup.by ❝ssseiya❞
❝ j-jungkook? i like y-your name. ❞ ❝ you'll like it more when screaming it in bed, baby. ❞ All Rights Reserved. ©busanteam ; plagiarism is a crime. #41 in rated...
Daddy's Little Dummy | DLD by YesGayness
Daddy's Little Dummy | DLDby Ann Adam
MochaJeon: I wish I have a wishnote so that I can write anything that I want. MochaJeon: Like for example, wishing dummy to fuck me right now. KimGucci: Stop making me h...
the sea does not like to be restrained by samfromboston
the sea does not like to be restra...by sam
Just a quick one shot. Percy Jackson X Annabeth Chase Percabeth Rated M for adult content (Smut/Lemon)
Annoying//// Finn Wolfhard x reader by deja_seekell
Annoying//// Finn Wolfhard x readerby Deja:)
(COMPLETED) "Finn, I hate him but he is so cute, plus he will never like a girl like me," DONT JUDGE THE TERRIBLE WRITING I WROTE THIS 4 YEARS AGO💀
Cowboy Bebop: Eyes Like Mine (Spike x Reader x Vicious) by Azel_blu
Cowboy Bebop: Eyes Like Mine (Spik...by 💤
She works in a downtown Chinese restaurant, her customers were always regulars and the occasional new ones were always kind passerbys. She was quiet, but in her job she...
harry potter Instagram  by thegirlwholived129
harry potter Instagram by Lucy Kenobi
draco and hermione have never met draco is a model and Hermione is just a normal girl these images are not mine there from the internet comment and vote on how well I'...
PPGZxRRBZ 🍋~short Stories~🍋 by ButterflyTheGoddess
PPGZxRRBZ 🍋~short Stories~🍋by butterflyJojo
a bunch of one shots and a few small series of the main trio and my ocs hope u enjoy