Where Do We Go From Here

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Ariana P.O.V.

I've been running for almost 20 minutes and finally have arrived at The La Villa Hotel, (A/N Made up) yes I stole some money from him also😎. I walked into the hotel very cautiously. "Umm Hi I'm here to rent a room for a couple days" I said. "Hello and ok that'll be 30$ plz and what's ur name ma'am?" "My Name is Erica Kane and thank you" "Your Welcome and here's your key, room D41" I might be young but I ain't stupid I know he knows my first and last name. I went to my room and locked the doors behind me. I took off all my clothes and hand washed them and put them over the heater so they could dry in the morning, then I got in the shower after I got out the shower I let sleep take over.

Jordan P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning and looked at Nisi laying next to me just now remembering what happened yesterday. I smiled remembering the moment we had shared together. I got up very quietly to go get in the shower after I got out the shower I just put some basketball shorts on bc I think today's gonna be a chill day for the both of us. I walked into the kitchen and started to cook breakfast for her and I.

Nisi P.O.V.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes,bacon,eggs,sausage, and grits. I smiled knowing who it was cooking for me. It Betta be for me😐. I put on his shirt that he had on yesterday it was big af on me, look like I had a dress on😂. I walked into the kitchen quietly and just watched him work. "Are You gonna keep staring or do I get a good morning?" He scared the shit out of me when he said that actin like he got eyes in the back of his head ass😂. I walked to the counter and sat on it. "Good morning" "Good morning" he said. He walked up to me and gave me passionate kiss I pulled away quickly. "You betta stop before you get something started" " You already got it started when u came in here with my shirt on and nothing else" "Uh Uh move im hungry" "I'm hungry too" "Nigga if u don't move so I can get my food" "Fine but you owe me later" he whispered in my ear as I was making my plate. I walked to the couch so I could eat. "This food is bomb af" " U know what else is bomb af.......... DEEZ NUTZ😂😂😂😂" "Really Nigga Really I'm tryna eat😒😒" "I was tryna eat earlier but did that happen......... NOPE so you betta suck it up😉" "Nasty Ass😐" I got up and sat my plate on the sink I'm not even hungry anymore. I sat down on the couch in pure silence as I watched spongebob and acted like he didn't exist which pissed him off and made him go in his room as he slammed the door exactly what I wanted to happen. I walked to his room door and opened it he was sitting up watching t.v. I straddled him and started to kiss him and grind on him as soon as he got hard I got up. "Think about that next time you want to talk about dick while I'm eating" I said As I slammed the door shut. As I'm walking down the stairs I hear the room door open, as soon as I heard that started to Sprint while laughing. "You think that shit is funny Ima get you" he said while running after me. I ran to the backyard and started to slow down, then this big ass giant grabs from behind I started to laugh out of breath. "Well you got me now what?" I said still only having just his shirt on. He started to walk backwards he reached down some where and......... TURNED THE SPRINKLERS ON. " WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU" I said chasing after him cold and wet. "Told you I was gonna get u😂😂😂" "Whateva I'm done fuck you I'm going to take a shower" I said As I started to walk up the stairs. "Can I join" I turned around and gave him the death glare as I slammed the bathroom door shut.

Chris P.O.V.

I woke up feeling lightheaded. Now remembering all that has happened. And what is about to happen like me drowning in my sorrows over losing Nisi. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me and I did everything to make myself the worst thing that had ever happened to her. I picked up a bottle of E & J and just kept downing it until I passed out.

Ariana P.O.V

I woke up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put the clothes on I had just worn the day before. All while thinking about everything that had happened. Now I honestly feel bad, I never knew that this is what Nisi went through. All I knew was that she had something that I'm not so sure I even want to look at anymore. He disgusts me. Now I wonder where do I go from here.

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