Chapter 3: Bruh TF

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Jordan P.O.V.

As soon as she ran out a rush of anger ran through me. "Man what the fuck?" I said as I got in Chris' face. "What!" This nigga "What the fuck you mean 'what' you just smacked the shit out of yo girl in front of everybody the fuck is wrong with you?" "Nigga she was outta her place and her smacking My hand away was the last straw." "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU WAS SQUEEZING HER DAMN THIGH CAUSE SHE WAS SMILING WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT." "Whatever man she'll get over it." When he said that I punched him square in his face and that nigga was out cold. "Umm first off good job second you shouldn't have let him take you there and you, Nisi, and Chris will have to go to the office well after he wakes up now go find Ms.Daniels and hurry." The teacher told me.

Nisi P.O.V.

I ran out to the janitors closet and locked it as I slide down the door. I can't believe he embarrassed me like that, I should've just ignored Jordan and talked to someone else. NO I'm tired of blaming myself it was all him then my phone lit up it was my so called mother.

Text Convo Between Mom & Nisi

#MommyBoss~ dont bother coming home today go find somewhere else to stay tonight

NisiStayFLAWLESS~umm why can't I come home today?

#MommyBoss~bc I don't want you to and you can come back tomorrow or not I could care less what you do

NisiStayFLAWLESS~ ok whatever bye

#MommyBoss~ don't get smart cause you ain't dumb ass bye

Text Convo Between Mom & Nisi Over

Man I fuckin hate her I just sat there crying like a little ass girl I try to put on this big girl act on, but on the inside I still feel like a 10year old if my dad was here he would know what to say. I looked up at the ceiling daddy why did you have to leave me with mom and Michael Stevenson ugh? I hate him he fuckin raped me a few months after my dad committed suicide which is when I was 8yrs old.


My mom left to get her nails done,I don't think my mom never really loved my dad bc she got a new boyfriend 3 months later and didn't shed a tear at his funeral. I miss my dad I'm only 8yrs old I shouldn't have to experience this while I was thinking I didn't even notice Michael as known as Tyga in the streets my mom boyfriend. He pinned me down and grabbed his thingy he shoved it into me started to try and get up but he just squeezed my wrists tighter I started to cry and cry harder than my mom walked in he hurriedly flip me over to the top. "What the fuck?" "Mom I'm so glad you're here he raped me and when you walked in he flipped me over to the top." She grew with a rage as she she ran up to and him dead in the face. She kicked him out that night and I slept in my room that night peacefully Idk what happened bc when I went to say good Morning to my mom tyga was in her bed with a smirk on his face and my mom looked at me with rage. Now I know what happened he came late last night and asked to come in she let him in they started kissing and ended up in the bed then he switched up the story and because she was under his spell she believed him. My mom walked up to me and slapped the heck out of me I was on the floor crying "you stupid ass bitch just because yo dad killed his self doesn't mean you have to try and mess up my relationship messy ass kids these days come on babe lets have another round. And get yo ass up and get ready for school before I come over there and slap you again." And from that point on I hated her.

FlashBack Over

I just sat there crying my dad killed his self because of me,(a/n he really didn't she just in her feelings) my mom obviously doesn't want me, and my boyfriend is abusing me what do I have to live for. There was a small piece of glass on the floor, I grabbed it and slit my wrists and kept going until my vision got blurry and someone bust into the room. I felt myself being picked up then everything went black.

Jordan P.O.V.

I was walking down the hall until I heard crying I guess that's Nisi. The door was locked so I picked it don't ask how I know how to do it. When I bust in the room I seen Nisi sitting next to the door with blood going down her arms with a little piece of glass with blood on it. I already knew what to do because my mom did this before, I called 911 as I picked her up as she passed out this ain't good.

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