How Did I Get To This Place

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Chris P.O.V.

Ariana sat in the corner crying her eyes out, why the fuck is she crying she knew that at some point he was going to find out about me and her she is irritating the fuck out of me right now. I got up and walked up to her and slapped the shit out of her. "SHUT THE FUCK UP DAMN TF YOU CRYING FOR!?!?! THIS IS YOUR FAULT YOU KNEW I HAD A GF AND YOU HAD A BF BUT OBVIOUSLY NEITHER ONE OF US GAVE A FUCK SO DON'T SIT HERE CRY LIKE YOU EMOTIONAL CUZ YOU LOST YOUR BF YOU'RE CRYING CUZ YOU GOT CAUGHT" I yelled.

Ariana P.O.V.

Chris is right I'm not emotional cuz I lost Jordan I'm mad cuz I got caught and also cuz Chris just slapped the shit out of me. "Ok I get what you're saying but you not bout to be putting your hands on me like you did Nisi" I said As I stood up. Chris got up and charged towards me while he was doing that I picked up a bat and swung it as hard as I could he was K.O. I grabbed my clothes and ran out the door to whoever would take me in.

Nisi P.O.V.

I woke up in an unfamiliar place I almost started to panic until I saw Jordan. "Hey" "Hey you feeling any better?" "Yeah" "Come over here and sit next to me" he said. I crawled across the the couch and sat next to him he smells so good. "I broke up with her" he told me. "No offense but Why are you telling me this?" "Oh come on Nisi you know you've wanted me since the first time you laid eyes on me and I've wanted you since the first time I saw you" he said all while looking in my eyes. "Boy plz don't nobody want you" I said knowing damn well I'm lying. He turned my face towards his and kissed me passionately I didn't kiss back so he grabbed my waist and sat me on his lap I couldn't resist. I was about to start grinding on him but he stopped me. " I thought you didn't want me?😎" "I want you now so just shut up and kiss me" I said As I started to kiss him again. I stripped from my clothes and so did he, I laid down on the couch as Jordan got in between my legs. "WAIT! Do you have a condom?" I asked him. " Yea I always keep one on me now be quiet and let daddy take care of you" he told me. He started to kiss on my neck instantly finding my sweet spot all while entering me w/o me knowing. He starting pounding me in and out. "Oh Jordan Don't Stop" he started to do long deep strokes "What's my name?" He asked "Jordan" I replied. "No What's my name?" He asked again as he rammed into me. "PAPIIII!!!!" I yelled in Spanish knowing that would drive him crazy after I said that he went in beast mode I couldn't catch my breath. "Get on the floor on All fours" he demanded I did as told. W/o warning he rammed into me "I PAPIII!!!!" I moaned. He started to grunt while he was pounding me he put his fingers to my clit and started fingering me while pounding me at the same time. We both came and collapsed next to each other out of breath. "Wow" he said. "Yup mami had to put it on you" I said. He turned to me and kissed me and put a cover over the both of us as we both fell asleep. How Did I Get To This Place.

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