Chapter 5:Niggas Ain't Shit

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Nisi P.O.V.

I woke up this morning and had a feeling that something bad was going on with me but I brushed it off as soon as I saw Chris and Jordan arguing about me Chris' face looked hella fucked up, damn you Jordan. "What hell are you doing here she doesn't want you here your part of the reason that she did this to herself" Jordan said. "I'm her boyfriend fuck you mean what am I doing here, what are you doing here she barely even knows you how you know she don't want you here, are you the nigga she been cheating on me with?" Chris said. "You sure wasn't acting like her boyfriend when you slapped the fuck outta her in front of the whole class, it would've been way worse if we weren't at school I'm glad we were who knows what would've happened if we weren't. This seems like a regular thing for you putting your hands on women especially the ones who hold you down and would do anything for your stupid ass. And no she not cheating on you with me we just met today and she's not cheating on you period fucking dumb ass nigga. are you cheating on her, look you know what dont even answer that question cause she woke and ain't nobody got time for your bullshit." "Hey guys." "Hey" Chris said dryly. " what's up with the animosity towards me?" I asked Chris not really caring about his answer bc I already knew the answer, only reason I asked cause if I didn't he would think I didn't care about his feelings which I didn't. And then he would start acting stupid and then wouldn't let me stay at his house tonight since I have no where else to stay. "No reason I'm just tired." I could tell he was lying cause he started to ball up his fist and intertwined his fingers. I was thinking about saying something but that would have pissed him off even more." I will talk to you about this later." He nodded ok but I already know I'm in for it bc Jordan already knocked him out and he already thinks I'm 'cheating' on him with Jordan so this just makes it even worst. I just wish that things were how they used to be. He stormed out the room for what reason I don't know, I sat up and kept looking at door thinking about this whole situation. I hadn't even noticed Jordan was still here until I glanced around the room looking for where my purse could be, noticing he was already staring at me. "What?" I said to him, he just looked at me as if he was determining whether he wanted to say what he had to say or not. "How long has this been going on?" He asked me as he looked deep into my eyes. "A year and Jordan I really don't wanna talk about this right now" I said hoping he would just drop the subject. "Ok Talk to me when you're ready I have to go I will see you later to come pick you up" he said as he walked out the door. I just laid back down and let sleep takeover my body.

Chris P.O.V.

After I stormed out the hospital and speed home once I got in my house I slammed the door, calling Ariana so she could come over instead of coming at 6 since it was only 2.

         Chris & Ariana Convo

Chri$ThatNIGGA - hey ari wyd

#AriBaddieStatus - hey just about to pull off from school why wassup

Chri$ThatNIGGA - I want you to come over now

#AriBaddieStatus - oooookay I'm omw (on my way)

        Chris & Ariana Convo Over

Its been an hour since I called Ariana, I had just finished making me a sandwich as soon as I sat down about to eat my sandwich I heard the doorbell ring DAMN! I got up to open the door and you can guess who decided to show up. She walked in the house I closed the door and turned around to a hug. "What took you so long?" I said as held her waist to me. "Sorry my mom called she needed me to pick up my little sister and drop her off at my aunt house that all took 45minutes then it took 15minutes to get here." I nodded as she crashed her lips into mine she just can't get enough of me.

Nisi P.O.V.

I woke up to see Jordan already here watching TV. "Oh your awake how you feeling?" "Like a piece of shit what time is it?" "5:00pm you ready to go?" "Yea I'm gonna go to the bathroom to change would you mind getting everything ready by the time I come out?" "Sure" he told me before I went into the bathroom. I can tell by the way he is acting now we are gonna be good friends. It took me about 15minutes to get dress and do make up to cover up this bruise on my face. I walked out the bathroom and everything was set up and ready to go. He's so sweet to a person he just met today I walked on the side where Jordan was and hugged him, once we started to pull away and look at each other I felt a spark and I knew he did too because he started to lean in and so did I, our lips had barely brushed up against each other all while we were looking into each others eyes but then it was all of a sudden put on stop. "We should stop you have a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend" Jordan said but, I knew that he didn't want to stop, he has that much respect for me and my fucked up ass relationship that makes me want him even more but I know if it was the other way around I would've done the same. "Yea we should let's go" I said. I checked myself out and we walked to the car, we put the address in his GPS and we were on our way to Chris' house.

Chris P.O.V.

I was laying down on my Queen sized bed while Ariana was giving me the best head I've ever received. I came and she swallowed it, then this bitch tried to kiss me like eww. "Uh bitch no go brush your fucking teeth tf!!" I said. She did as I said like a fucking slave, when she came back she climbed on top of me as I took my shirt and pants off she also took off her clothes. She started to kiss me in a way that made me forget about how she tried to kiss me earlier after she sucked my dick. I grabbed a condom and well you know the rest.....

Jordan P.O.V.

We were almost to Chris house and I really want to ask Nisi why she with him but, I'll have to wait for that another day. I low-key like her but I got a girlfriend and she got a boyfriend and I already have mad respect for her because of how strong she is for putting up with that nigga for who knows how long. "Well this is it, would you mind coming in with me?" Nisi said. "Yea but if I see ANYTHING that I do not like I'm taking you to my house and I don't care what you say" I said. "Well alright Mr.Jordan sir" she said. "Let's check it out first before we bring your belongings in there" I said. We got out of the car as we both started to walk up to the door.

Chris P.O.V.

She was riding me like a porn star up in this bitch, I heard footsteps that I knew she couldn't hear b/c I already knew who it was. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?! YOU GOT THIS BITCH IN YOUR HOUSE LIKE I WASN'T GOING TO SHOW UP OR SOME SHIT WTH!!! I HAVE BEEN WITH YOU SINCE FRESHMAN YEAR AND THIS IS HOW REPAY ME BY CHEATING ON ME I HAVE PUT UP WITH YOUR SHIT FOR SO LONG AND NEVER ONCE HAVE I EVEN HUGGED SOMEONE SO LONG  AS 6 SECONDS I CANT WITH YOU AND DID YOU HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND" she  yelled. "Yea?" Adriana said. "Which gives me the right to whoop yo ads" she said. She wrapped Ariana hair around her hand and started to beat the fuck out of her I was like DAMN baby got hands then Ariana started to call for me I sighed and grabbed Nisi it was Sexy as fuck how she was fighting over me. Then I felt a hard ass sting across my face and, realizing that Nisi was the one who slapped me and I just snapped, I turned around and K.O. her.

Jordan P.O.V.

I let Nisi go in first b/c I forgot my phone so I ran back to my car to get it. It took me almost 15 minutes to find my phone I ran back to the house and heard silence so, I ran up the stairs to see my girlfriend and Chris naked while Nisi was on the floor K.O. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME I GAVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO FIRST MY BEST FRIEND NOW THIS NIGGA, THIS SO CALLED RELATIONSHIP IS OVER" I said to my now ex-girlfriend I just looked at Chris in disgust as I picked up Nisi and carried her to the car with a single tear going down my face.

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