Chapter 4:Couldn't Get Worse

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Nisi P.O.V.

*Nisi Dream*

I was in all white grass I was just playing in it until I heard a voice I haven't heard in years.

"Nisi come here baby" my dad said. I had to do a double take and when I did I seen him see me see him.(Kevin hart voice)As I'm walking up to him I seen my ex-boyfriend that died in a car crash I forgot to mention. I ran right pass my dad and hugged him as I was crying, "oh so you just forget about me?" My dad said. "I'm sorry dad I just missed him so much and he died earlier before you so it hit me hard." I said as I hugged my dad and just starred at Kaden I can't believe it if Chris knew what I was thinking he'd beat my ass, but he can't b/c he doesn't know where I am I don't know where I am now that I mention it. "Where am I?" I asked them. "Well you're in heaven for a while." Kaden said to me. "Why only for a while why not forever I don't want to go back to my life I wanna stay here with you guys." "It'll get better all you need to know is that you need to let Jordan in even though you just met him he can help you and he may even be the man that your with for the rest of your life as much as I hate it it's gonna happen and we will keep visiting you in your dreams but you gotta go right now and don't forget let him in. Anyways love you." Kaden said,"love you too bye." I said as I walked through an all white door well Jordan here I come.

*Nisi Dream Over*

I kinda open my eyes to where I could see but no one knew I was woke I looked around w/o turning my head. I seen Jordan, Jada, and Janiya but not Chris or my Mom well fuck them too. I opened my eyes all the way,"Hey guys." I said in a raspy voice as soon as I said that they nearly broke they neck to get to my bed and got there in 2.5 seconds. "Omg Nisi you scared the shit out of us don't do dat no more." They all said in unison and got mad b/c they said it at the same time. "Yeah I don't want to have to knock Chris out again." Jordan told me. "Wait a minute you ain't just gon skip past that like you didn't say what you just said."(#kevin hart voice)"And you ain't just gon try and do the Kevin hart voice cause you ain't doing it right." lol this nigga. "But frfr why you do dat?" Jada asked me "Do what idk what you talkin bout?" I said knowing damn well I did. "Bitch don't play games like you don't know what we talkin bout look at your arm." She said as I looked down at my arm as my eyes got watery as I remembered the reasons why I did it. "My mom doesn't give a damn about me she text me and said that I don't need to come home tonight and that she didn't care if I didn't ever come back ever. This is nothin new it's been goin on since I was 8yrs old." 0__0 We talked for a while then they had to go.

???? P.O.V.

So this bitch think she can take my man and get away with it. I walked in while Nisi was sleeping as I put a small dose of antifreeze in to her IV cause I'd like the view of watching her die slowly.

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