Chapter 1:Hell of a Morning

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Nisi P.O.V.

It's the first day back to school and I woke up to the sound of my mom yelling at me, I just laid under the cover like I didn't hear knowing damn well I did. All of a sudden I felt my cover being yanked off of me and a slap across the face so hard that the corner of my mouth started to bleed and I was hella pissed.

Argument between Nisi & Mom

Nisi~ man what the fuck??!! Why you slap me??!!

Mom~ you didn't make breakfast and you're gonna be late for school

Nisi~ You know what I don't even care anymore I gotta go get dressed and shower before(GCF)

Mom~ No! Your gonna go make me and your father breakfast first!! We wanna have a talk with Chris and then you can go get dressed or whatever it is that you do!!

Nisi~ You act like I'm some type of animal!!

Mom~ You are!!

Nisi~ If I'm such an animal why you keep letting me cook your food!?!?


Nisi~ Nothing else huh?!?! thought so

Argument Between Nisi and Mom Over

Before I could even turn toward the bathroom, she punched me dead in the face and I was knocked out cold. "Hurry up and get yourself cleaned up before Chris gets here." After about 10 minutes of being knocked out I got up,did my hygiene stuff, and took a 30 minute shower. As I was rummaging through my clothes I put on my white crop top, my white high waist pants and my white pumps. I went to the bathroom and put my hair in its natural curls, put my eye liner into the cat eye, and put on my clear lip gloss. I grabbed my white backpack,my phone, and my charger. I walked right out the door without saying anything to anyone as soon as I walked out this bitch made ass nigga of a boyfriend Chris pulled up, he got out the car as we started to walk towards each other. "Hey baby" he says as he grabs me by my waist. I put a fake smile on my face."Hey bae let's go before we're late for school." I said then all of a sudden lets go of my waist and grabs me by my arm as his eyes turn black. "Girl what the fuck is wrong with you we go when I say go this my muthafuckin car and ion care if we late to this lame ass school get yo ass in the car before I have to fuck you up!!!!" He yelled at me as I snatched away from him and walked to car waiting for him to unlock the doors as he was walking up to the car he gave me a glare as to say 'bitch don't get fucked up' and I just rolled my eyes and got into the car. See this is what I meant when I said bitch made ass nigga of a boyfriend I'm surprised he did that in public and yes this has been goin on for a long time. No one knows about this not even my 2 best friends Jada & Janiya knows, because in public none of this stuff ever happens. I only stay with him because I'm trying to change him knowing I can't yet I still try knowing he will never change. We've known each other since the 6th grade and started dating at the beginning of my freshman year. When we first saw each other in 6th grade we instantly fell in love but didn't know how to tell each other, so we became best friends. Within the first week of our relationship he started to get controlling and abusive if I didn't do what he said. Sometimes I wonder if he even loves me anymore, I looked out the window as we pulled up to school I looked at my arm and almost started to tear up but realized he's not worth them. As I was about to get out Chris turned to me with a smile bipolar ass nigga. "You look beautiful by the way" WTF!!!! I put a fake smile on my face "Thanks Bae you look quite sexy yourself." Damn I played that off well, he got out the car and to help me on my side we walked hand-in-hand into the school like the perfect couple everybody thinks we are, if they only knew what happened behind closed doors. I automatically caught disgusting looks from girls and flirtatious looks from guys I seen my 2 best friends Jada & Janiya, I immediately let go of Chris's hand and ran up to them and hugged them and held onto them for dear life. I love these girls there apart of the little happiness i have left, I'd tell them something before I even tell my sister maybe not tell her at all because she run her mouth too much if somebody ask she tell.
Convo Between Jada, Janiya, and Nisi

Janiya~ Damn girl you act like you aint seen us in years.

Jada~Yea but you know we love you.

Nisi~I love you guys too and it felt like years.

Jada~You look Hella sexy for day of school girl what does Chris think about this.

Nisi~Child I could care less about what Chris thinks of my outfit but he said I look beautiful btw.

Janiya~ wth your dumb how you gon say you don't care what he think but he told you, you look beautiful.

This was one hell of a morning

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