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Take Me As I Am .... (Chris Brown FanFiction) by LeeVille98
Take Me As I Am .... (Chris LB
** Let it go and if it comes back then its real right? Well what happens when it comes back with more B.S than it left with?...... ** TAKE ME AS I AM ..... and not who I...
Nurse Amber by younggoddess19
Nurse Amberby younggoddess19
At work Amber cares for the sick and injured. All the patients love her, being that Amber's such a loving and nurturing woman she loves her job. She enjoys interacting...
PR00F OF THE SHIPS HERE by shipsherearereal
PR00F OF THE SHIPS HEREby These ships are REAL
It's proof to show they're REAL
Shy Girl by EmpirePresents
Shy Girlby 𝘔𝘢𝘒𝘦𝘯𝘻𝘪𝘦🦋💕
18 year old Makayla has been shy for her whole life she is a senior in Oakwood High School she has two best friends that she adores.
Getting It Right (BOOK THREE) by SincerelyPink
Getting It Right (BOOK THREE)by Ny
(This book is currently under going changes such as editing, revising, chapter deletion, ect.) Summer break is a time when everyone is supposed to be kicking back and so...
SEVYN by KeyXara
SEVYNby KeyXara
a number called sevyn.. she was in a abusive relationship.. her innocent father was behind bars and she continuously receives death threats.. oh what a life..
Sh!t . by iAm_Trill_
Sh!t .by Rich Homie Nae .
This is a rant book, a music and thought book, a poetry book..... just a book for random ass shit .. It WILL be updated at least once every week .
secret love (Sevyn Streeter) by shelife21
secret love (Sevyn Streeter)by shelife21
sev is in love with someone I wonder who read up and find out who
New Flame: A Chris Brown love story by arielsullivan
New Flame: A Chris Brown love storyby arielsullivan
Kylie and Chris were high school sweethearts, but just when kylie thought everything was perfect their senior year she finds Chris cheating in her. They both desire to b...
Trust Again by Tsunvmii
Trust Againby Tsunvmii
August is a singer/songwriter. He is a player and he just fuck hoes and duck , it's hard for him to trust any girl because of his past relationship with his ex girlfrien...
Loyal Deception  by Teairraa_
Loyal Deception by Teairraa_
Sean Taylor is trying to piece his life back together after losing his father but everything seems to keep falling apart.Bridges are burned and secrets are brought to th...
I shot my mate(PAUSED) by shonme2K17
I shot my mate(PAUSED)by shonme2K17
Opening the door I start looking around. 'I don't smoke so I know I wasn't hearing things. And I know I'm paranoid but not that paranoid. ' I thought to myself looking...
Oh my love- Chris Brown  FF by Xbreezy
Oh my love- Chris Brown FFby ChrisDaLegend✨🤤
Amber is my name My life wasn't always perfect. When I was younger I only had my mom & brother. No friends. Barley any family But my lifestyle all changes When my m...
2 Hustlers (Chris Brown) by ___unknownnn___
2 Hustlers (Chris Brown)by ___unknownnn___
Chris wants somebody to build an empire with. Christina wants the same. Chris goes to one of the most famous fashion events then come across Christina, realizing that th...
Song for my wolf prince(slowly Updating) by biancasmith27
Song for my wolf prince(slowly biancasmith27
Star Fountain is a famous,sassy and creative dancer & singer just move to her home town to so she can find herself but doing her journey she learn some about her town an...
Finding Me by PaigeCouryn
Finding Meby PaigeCouryn
Aaliyah wants to start a new life with her brother but she has to get there first. and what happenes when her perfect life isnt what she thought of. Spencer is a loyal...
Everyone I Lose by sageoverman
Everyone I Loseby Sage Overman
Sisters, Sevyn and Logan, are the best of friends. Each always there for the other, until a life-shifting event. Sevyn is left without anyone. She loses her best friend...
The Only One He Trust by Only1_TeeTee
The Only One He Trustby Only1_TeeTee
Charlotte's life is anything but a fairy tale. Read to see where life takes her along with Elijah. She's the only one he trust
𝙈𝙉𝙀𝙉𝙈𝙊𝙋𝙃𝙊𝘽𝙄𝘼 by rottncalls
𝙈𝙉𝙀𝙉𝙈𝙊𝙋𝙃𝙊𝘽𝙄𝘼by sevyn. +¹⁷
mnemophobia is the fear of memories, either by remembering past events or fearing memory loss.