Chapter 2: WTF!!!

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Chris P.O.V.

After Nisi let go of my hand and ran to Jada & Janiya I watched them walk away to their classes, man I love that girl I wonder why she stays with me and loves me not that I would let her leave. I only hit her because I've always been taught that the man was supposed to be the dominant and aggressive one in the relationship. So when I tell her to do something or talk to her a certain kind of way, I expect her not to talk back and go do what I told her to do. So when she so when she talks back to me or doesn't do what I say a lot of anger builds up inside of me, and I just keep hitting her until the anger inside me dies down. Anyways I pulled out my and started to text Ariana(my sidechick), I know what you're thinking 'you already hit her and now cheating' shut up kill yo self (kevin hart voice).

Text Convo Between Chris & Ari

Chri$ThatNIGGA~ wyd

#AriBaddieStatus~ nun wbu

Chri$ThatNIGGA~ nun after school come over

#AriBaddieStatus~ ok what time cause me Jordan goin shopping

Chri$ThatNIGGA~ ok at 6 and tell him you had to get home bc your mom wanted you home by 6.

#AriBaddieStaus~ ok

Convo Between Chris & Ari

I put my phone in my pocket as I start walking to class, when I walked in class I seen Nisi talking to Jordan Roberts(Ariana Boyfriend) I got hella pissed to where my face started to turn red. I saw Nisi look up at me with complete fear Jordan noticed her face, he turned around and looked at me. I just walked to my seat next to Nisi and sat down. As soon as I sat down Nisi stopped talking to Jordan and he just turned forward too, can't wait till we get to my house.

Nisi P.O.V.

When we walked into class I saw this fine ass boy he was tall, caramel, perfect lips, muscular arms so I know he had abs, perfect smile, and he had mad shoe game. He noticed me staring at him and gave me that perfect smile, I looked down and blushed then went to my seat which happened to be by him. He must be new bc I've never seen him. "Ok class we have a new student" the teacher said as the new guy went up in front of the class. "Hey guys I'm Jordan Roberts and this my first year hear and yea that's about it" he said as he turned to the teacher. "Alright then Jordan you can have a seat, class since it's the first day back you guys can just talk" the teacher said as Jordan walked towards his seat next to me. "Hey what's your name beautiful?" I smiled "Nisi Daniels and just to let you know I have a boyfriend Chris Brown." "Oh so this is the famous Nisi Daniels and Chris Brown I've been hearing about?" "Yea I'm a lil popular 'round here, stick with me and you'll be cool." " 'A LIL' girl they talk about you like you famous and ok, oh it's cool I got a girlfriend her name is Ariana Brooks." "Never heard of her," this was his exact face -__________- "what I haven't sorry if hurt your feelings and made you feel some type of way" I gave him an apologetic smile. "It's cool but, I heard you and Chris are the perfect couple." If he only knew, I looked down when he said that usually I'll smile when people say that but I'm tired of being fake it's time to tell someone. I looked up to tell him but felt eyes on me, I looked up and saw the one and only Chris turning red my face showed complete fear. I guess Jordan noticed my face and turned around to see a red Chris, he looked back and forth I guess he figured it out because he looked at me with a sincere face. Chris started to walk towards his seat which happened to be on the other side of me there was nothin to say, nothin to do me and Jordan just looked forward well I better get ready.

Jordan P.O.V.

I feel bad for Nisi a beautiful girl like her shouldn't have go through that, I wish I could help her but I can't because 1) I will ruin her & his reputation at school 2)she going to end up goin back to him 3)you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. But even with her situation I'm goin to be there for her and I will figure out some type of way to help. "Oh and Nisi don't forget that you have help and show Jordan the way we do things around and show him around school at lunch." The teacher told Nisi "ok." She said as she smiled but I knew that smile was fake and she was really sad because she know she gon get in more trouble then she already in. I look down and seen Chris hand on her thigh squeezing the shit out of it Nisi smacked his hand away that was a big mistake he got in front of her took all his anger in and...........SLAP!!! Everyone in the room. Nisi started to cry she turned around to see everybody looking and she ran out.

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