Chapter 34

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Author's Note: Jut did some future chapter counting and... the end is near you guys! D: It came so quickly :( but it's still a few chappies off - and there is a lot of drama still to come!! xxJess

It had been around a week since the last tournament and things have been getting... dark. If that makes any sense. Hogwarts walls have been buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming Valentine's Day - but underneath there is a tension, but not from the students. From the teachers. It's really beginning to unnerve Jenna, Lana, and I. 

All the other students we've brought it up to just laugh it off and tell us the teachers are only getting harsh because the end of term is right around the corner, yet something just isn't right. Jenna, Lana, and I were sitting in the common room discussing how weird this all really was feeling.

"You know who I think it is - the one causing the tension?" Jenna sighed, curling in to a small ball by the fireplace. "Maybe it's that Snape professor. He gives me the creeps sometimes."

"Na - I'll bet you a million dollars that it is Mad-eye." Lana sipped from a mug of Butter-beer. "You all know he's started teaching us on the Imperious curse again. Why would he? And plus he's been using it on students - not only is that most likely not normal, but it's probably illegal."

I watched the flames from the fireplace in a small trance. "I think you're right, Lana. Something just isn't right with him - if Dumbledore knew... If the Ministry knew... He could be sent to Azkaban for this...right?" We all were silent, just looking at each other with unknowing eyes.

There was only one way to know if Mad-eye was a bad guy or not. We had to get evidence and bring it to Dumbledore. "Come on you guys, don't you think it's a little odd that an old Auror is using the Imperious Curse on students?"

 "Yeah, but maybe we only think it's weird because we aren't used to the customs of the Ministry of Magic, we've always been under the rules of American magic laws... there could be huge differences we never knew about." Jenna sighed and reached out a hand towards the fireplace to keep more warm.

"True. Maybe we should just... keep an eye on him and see if he's been up to anything suspicious." I nodded and jumped off the couch with a yawn. "I'm gonna go for some soup in the Great Hall, you guys want to join?" 

"Nah, Jenna and I are going to study for the Charms exam tomorrow. Not all of us are gifted in magic, Elle." Lana glared at me playfully and stretched, setting her mug down on an oak coffee table and grabbing a long roll of parchment.

"Alrighty then..." I shrugged and crawled through the portrait hole. As I wandered through the stone corridors, I found myself walking past an open cupboard, I couldn't help but peek inside the curiously open door way.

There was a shuffling and a crash, then a curse. Cocking my head to the side, I wedged my body against the wall next to the open cupboard door and snuck a glance into the dimly lit storage room. There was a large, bulky shape shuffling around and the sound of crunching glass under shoes. My ears also picked up on the barely audible sound of things being moved around on the shelves. Curious.

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