Chapter 12

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Bella's POV

I can't believe what has just happened, I made out with a girl with Megan oh my God. I'm very confused we have been friends for so long and it never crossed my mind that Megan would have feelings towards me it's just so confusing. I didn't talk to her yesterday after what happened and I'm nervous to see her today I will just try not to be alone with her and hopefully she would forget about what happened.
"Morning beautiful " William said and hugged me from behind " Morning " "Morning " oh man it's Megan " Morning Meg, where's Matt? " William said " I don't know, I haven't talked to him since yesterday we broke up " what "what!!! Why " William asked again and I'm just listening " I have feelings for another person " she said while looking at me my eyes widen in shock , oh no please no, "and who's the lucky guy?? "William AGAIN he asked, please shut up, " uh.. mm I'll tell you when the right time comes " " what was Matt reaction " ugh " William leave her alone " I said annoyed " uh sorry " he apologized " it's okay, I explained to him and he understood " Megan said.
After afew minutes the bell rang and we went our separate ways and I practically ignored Megan for the rest of the day I know it's mean but it's just I can't look at her.
It's been a week and I'm still ignoring her but now We're in Melanie's car me, her and Megan " ok both of you spill it " Melanie commanded " what are you talking about " I said faking confused expression I know exactly what she's talking about "cut the shit Bella I know there's something wrong between the two of you usually you're attached to the hip with each other and now you barely talk so what's wrong? " " there's nothing wrong " Megan said " ok I'm not buying any of the shit you're selling today and I want the truth " Melanie said " just leave it alone Melanie " Megan said angrily and stormed out of the car " what is bugging her ass? " " I don't know " I replied " try harder B I know you very well " " I'm tired and I need to rest see you " " ok bye " she said.
I went to my car and texted Megan immediately
B: we need to talk can I cross by?
I waited for two minutes for her reply
M: k
Oh man she's mad.
After 10 minutes I made it to her house and rang the door bell after a minute Megan opened the door and went to her room, help me God,
I followed her " you said we need to talk, talk " " Megan I'm so sorry I've been ignoring you for the past week " I said " yeah right " she said sarcastically " please believe me I'm really sorry I just can't look at your face I don't wanna hurt you " I pleaded " you're hurting me when you ignore me " she said angrily "I know please forgive me you're my best friend I don't wanna lose you I can't leave without you " my voice cracked as my tears start to fall, I heard her sigh heavily as her face softend " it's okay B it's not your fault that I have feelings for you " she hugged me and kissed my forehead " it's just some stupid crush it will go away by the time, they say every straight girl have at least one girl crush in her life and I think you're my crush " she said trying to lighten the mood, I sniffed while chuckling "thank you so much M for understanding me " .
I stayed for awhile in her house we catched up and I made sure she forgave me.

Megan's POV

After Bella was gone I went to my bed and buried my face in my pillow and started to cry, why!!! Why I have to fall for my best friend and she's a fucking girl why, after crying for too long I decided to talk to Melanie.
"Hello "
"Melanie can you come over " I said while crying
"on my way "
I hung up.
Ten minutes later l heard the door bell and went to answer, as soon as I saw Melanie I buried my face in Melanie's shoulder and started to cry again " shh baby it's alright " Melanie said while helping me to my room " whos neck I need to break for you? " Melanie said, she really cares for me just like Bella, oh Bella, " I have feelings for Bella " I said while trying to calm myself " oh baby it's alright does she know!? " she asked while wiping my tears " Yes and she told I'm her best friend and she doesn't know what to do " "I will go to her and let her know what to do " Melanie said in annoyed tune "calm down Melanie it's not her fault that she's straight and she doesn't have feelings for me " " poor baby, it's alright I will be your girlfriend Drake will understand " I chuckeld " thanks Melanie " " how are you feeling now " she asked concerned " I'm ok it's just hard to accept the truth but it will be better in time " though I know it will take a very long time to get over my feelings for her " I'm with you whatever you decide to do " " I know " " does Matt know " she asked " yeah and he said he will help me in any way he can " "aww he's so kind " " yeah he's I wish things didn't fucked up like this " " it will be alright we are all with you " " that's why I love you guys you never judge and always stand beside me, and I know if we were in another situation Bella will also stand beside with me " " So now you're lesbian ooh I will help you find a hot hot girlfriend " " hahaha, Calm down Mel I like only one girl " I laughed " boo you're boring " I laughed out loud I made a right decision by calling her.
Melanie and I had a sleepover since my parents are not home tonight and we stayed late talking and laughing.
I woke up to un empty bed, where the hell is Mel, I found a note on my night stand
I went home to change and get ready for school and I made you pancakes.
That's why I love her I decided to give Bella a left to school.
M: morning Bubley, wanna ride with me to school
B: morning, OK but promise you won't drive like a drunk racer
I chuckeld and replied
M: we will see
After I ate and got ready I drove to her house.
"Morning sunshine " she said and kissed me on my cheek, her lips are so soft I wish I could test them now, "Morning, sleep well?" "Yes, you " " yeah, ready? " I asked her " dear God let us make it to school in one peace " I laughed at her and drove to school on full speed of course.
We made it to school in no time I'm laughing so hard at Bella's horrified face. Bella stormed out of the car as soon as I pulled over and I followed her " you crazy bitch you almost caused me a heart attack I swear it's the last time I ride with you " I have tears now from laughing. " chill out B I wasn't driving that fast " " Yes you were " " well well well look what we have here " it's Melanie " glad you reconciled " after chatting for awhile the bell rang and we went to our classes.

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