Chapter 14

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Bella's POV

We pulled at the school me and Megan and went to our friends they are already there.. With Eve??? "Morning " we greeted everyone and Eve kissed Megan's cheek, OK she's starting to get on my nerve, I put my hand on Megan's waist and pulled her to me, she looked at me confused and I just smiled at her "hmm,am I seeing the green-eyed monster?? " Melanie whispered in my ear and I just glared at her and she chuckeld "ok guys we're going to class " I said and took Megan's hand and walked to class annoyed.

Melanie's POV

"what's wrong with Bella?" Matt asked as we walked to our class "what do you mean? " "she was shooting daggers at Eve? " I chuckeld " she's just jealous " he looked confused "why?? Didn't she reject her? "not for so long "I don't know ".

Megan's POV

I looked at B as we walked to class she looked upset and annoyed!! "Bubley are you okay!? " I asked her she turned to me and smiled a little "yeah everything is fine " yeah right -_-
The whole time in class she wasn't paying attention and that's not her there's something wrong and I need to know it.
(lunch time)
I sat at the table beside Eve "what's up " she asked "I'm bored to death " she chuckeld softly like the angle she's, could I be fallen for her and moving on from Bella but for all I know she could be straight, I was in deep thought until Eve's voice bring me back "Megan.. Megan " " ah yeah " I looked around and Bella stormed off pissed what's going on, "I will check up on her " I said standing "no I'll handle it " William said, I sat down hard, now I'm pissed, . Finally the bell rang and this shity day come to an end, I went to pick up Bella cause she came with me. I found Eve waiting without her car??? " ready Bells? " she just nodded "Eve where's your car? " I asked her "it's broken and the driver hasn't come yet " "come I will give you a ride " she lighted up "thank you " she kissed me on my cheek and Bella looked so damn angry and went to my car "will come'n " we chatted until we arrived to Eve's house but Bella was silent the whole ride, what's bugging her, "Guys come inside so we can have a drink " I looked at Bella " I'm tired sorry " " come on it won't be long " " No thanks, Megan " Bella spoke angry "another time Eve " " ok see ya " I start to drive "what's up with your ass you were very rude " I spoke mad " no I wasn't " she yelled "control your damn anger, I saw how you glared at her the whole time and she hasn't done anything wrong " " So now you're at her side " I pulled at her house " no B it's not like that " I spoke softly " yeah right " she stormed out of the car angry "ugh " I hit the stare wheel and drove home.

Bella's POV

"That bitch is trying to stole Megan MY MEGAN but I won't let her not even in her wildest dreams, I shouldn't have yelled at Megan it's not her fault that Eve is a slut " I spoke madly with Melanie "Bella calm down, she's not steeling her and you should think of Megan too she's trying to get over you if you really want her happy don't hold her down " I closed my eyes and sighed "you're right I will fix it tomorrow " " okay see you tomorrow " " see you "
(next morning "
I pulled at Megan's house with chocolate in my hand to apologize to Megan and will have a movie night since it Friday with the girls, yeah I'm inviting Eve too I need to apologize for her too, after a few minutes Megan got out and looked at surprised " Morning Megan " "Morning " she replied softly thank God she's not angry " I'm so sorry Megan for yesterday I was being a jealous bitch, I shouldn't yell-" she cut me off "it's okay Bubley and there's nothing to be jealous of you're my best friend and I will pick your side " " there's no side to pick and Eve looks nice and seems interested in you, you should hang out together maybe someday you will be a thing " I spoke " you think so? " I swallowed hard "Yes " "thanks for supporting B "her face light up and I felt a bang of jealousy in my heart "and this is for you " I handed her the chocolate and she took it happily and kissed my cheeks.
(lunch time)
We all set down eating while chatting "so girls today is Friday how about a sleep over and movies night " I spoke "hey what about us " William asked " Baby the last time I checked you were a guy " I replied " You too has sex!!!! " Melanie said " what!! No I didn't mean like that I.. I will just shut up " we blushed hard and everybody laugh except Megan she looked sad "like I said it's just girls night " " I'm in " Melanie said " of course I'm coming " Megan said " Eve aren't you coming? " I asked her and she looked shocked I invited her " ah yeah sure " it's gonna be a long night.

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