Chapter 19

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Bella's POV

Now I was alone in my room my mind starts to wonder about will happen tomorrow in school when ever one sees us, what will they think about us I know Megan is all that matters but still I'm scared a little and what will William do when he knows it know I ended things up with him but still he's my friend, but honestly in the end I would drop everyone for my love, and who could blame I mean come'n did you see her she's drop dead gorgeous, she's has an amazing body, a shimmering blonde hair and her eyes oh god I swear I can see a whole galaxy in them they are just so blue and when she looks in my eyes she takes my breath away and I can see them glowing with so much love and passion,I'm so in love with her so I decided to text her before I go to sleep

Me: hi baby, I miss you already
I sent the message and she replied immediately
Love: I miss you too baby and I can't wait to see tomorrow.
Me: orrr you can see me now ;)
I forgot to tell that my parents left an hour ago on work trip for three days, they didn't want to go because they want to take care of me but I convinced them that Megan won't leave my side.
Love: what do you mean?
Me: I'm alone ;)
Love: Oh, how come?
Me: baby you ask too much, are you coming or not?
Love:aha sure sure I will be there in 30
Me: baby I'm beging you don't drive fast
Love: lol don't worry I will slow down
Me: by the way use your key I'm in my room
I texted her and went to the bathroom to make sure I look good I showered an hour ago and my hair look good I just stripped down and sprayed my favorite perfume on my whole body and wore my lace black lingerie and light some candles in my room and put some slow love music, I put my short black robe and laid on my bed relaxing and in no time I heard the front door opened.

Megan's POV

I opened the door "Honey , I'm home " I joked, puts my clothes bag on my back and went to my love's room.
I opened the door and I will never forget what I saw, Bella's in a sexy black lingerie and a black satin robe warped around her slightly I'm sure my jaw hit the floor, she stood up and walked slowly yet seductively towards me as she got closer I was totally out of breath she closed my mouth slowly and got closer to my ear and whispered " don't forget to breathe " and bite gently on my ear lobe and I can't help but to moan, oh my God I'm burning inside I want her in a deadly way, I heard the door close behind me and she pushed me back and pinned me on the door with my hands above my head " forgot how to speak baby? " she said in a sexy voice, my God her smell she knows how weak her smell mixed with her favorite perfume makes me, " I.. Ah " did I just stutter!!! "aah" she starts to kiss my neck while slowly unbutton my shirt with one hand and ocne it was fully open I took it off along with my bag, Bella kissed my jawline and then took my bottom lip between her teeth and tugged gently " mm" I moaned louder she made her way to my back and unhooked my bra and backed off to look at me " ah baby do you know how sexy you look in pants only " and I blushed like crazy she went back to kiss me and unzipping my pants while the other hand is groping my breast and I stepped out of them and at the same time I unwarped her robe and took it off immediately and now I can see her sexy body inviting me " I can't take it anymore " I carried her and she warped her legs around my hips and starts to kiss me, I walked us to her bed and laid her gently, I looked in her eyes and spoke " you have no idea how badly I need you right now or how I'm feeling inside from seeing you like this " I said to her " then take me " she whispered I bited my lip and start to kiss her lips, her jaw line, neck and down to her breast, she raised her self a little so I can unhook her bra.

( three hours later)

I laid next to Bella panting " Baby that was more than amazing " Bella said between pantings " I know, it's like I'm addicted to you, I can't get enough of you " I turned around to face her and pulled her into my arms " I can't believe how deeply I'm in love with you " I said looking into her glowing eyes " me too baby it's like I'm a piece of metal and you're a huge magnet pulling me with so much force " her words sounds so genuine and real " I love you baby " I pulled the covers over us " I love you too baby " and we drifted into sleep in each other's arms.

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