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Megan's POV

It has been a month and and half since Drake passed away, I still can't believe it, we are all broken hearted but the one is broken the most is Melanie, she's soul-less, she eats only for her baby, she leaves her room only to eat and use the bathroom she's literally devastated but I'm glad she has Eve with her almost all the time and of course she she has us.

Eve's POV

Even though I knew Drake for only two years my heart broke up when he passed away and now my heart aching at the sight of Melanie in a lot of pain, I would do anything to make her feel better. I haven't left her side since she came home and I'm not planning to anytime soon and now I'm positive that I love her but I can't tell her now it's too early and she's wounded and needs time to heal and when she's able to love again I will be there to make her mine, and if she let me I will take care of her and her baby to the rest of my life.

(one week later)
Today I'm taking Melanie to the doctor to check up on the baby "are you ready?" I asked her " Yes and thank you so much for helping me " she said " I want to take care of you " I said kissing her forehead and hugged her " come'n let's go.
(at the clinic)
"so how are you feeling today Melanie" the doctor asked " fine " see replied " oh look at the screen " we both looked " congratulations you're having a baby boy " the doctor said and a single tear fell from Melanie's eyes and I hugged her " shh, he wouldn't want you to be crying now, you have to be strong and take care of the baby like you promised " I whispered in her ear " I will " I kissed her cheek and held her tightly.
Now I'm making Melanie her favorite plate, I want to show her that I will take care of her always " so what are you gonna name the baby " " I don't know yet, any ideas? " she said smiling " how about Tony? " I said " cool name " she said and I went back to cooking when I felt her hug me from behind " thank you so much Eve, I don't know what I would've done without you " she whispered in my ear and I shivered " I told you, I want to take care of you as long as you let me " and I kissed her head wishing I could kiss her lips.

(the beginning of the college year)

Megan's POV

I was laying with Bella in our bed in our new apartment, we bought it to be together always and it's closer to the campus " do you think Eve is going to tell her " Bella asked " I'm not sure, I asked her last week and she told me it's still early and Melanie needs time " " anyway I'm glad that Melanie has someone like Eve by her side " I hugged her drifting to sleep, tomorrow our first day in college, me and Bella went to medical school, Eve decided to study architecture, Melanie decided to take this year off because of her pregnancy but she will study law next year , Matt went to Pharmacy and William civil engineering.
I hope that the future holds better things for us all.

Melanie's POV

Tomorrow I'm going to visit Drake, I want to tell him about our baby boy, God how much I miss him, everything reminds me of him and I just can't help but cry my heart out until I fall asleep or Eve would hug me and whisper soothing words in my ear and I'm not oblivious, I know she loves me more than just friends but I just can't open my heart for her right now and to be honest I don't know if I will be able to love anymore.

That was the last chapter of this book
I think I will make a sequel
Thanks for everyone who have read this book
This was my first try at writing hope you enjoyed it

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