chapter 1

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An:the picture above is Megan.. Almost
School.. Here we are again
Megan's p.o.v
"Meg wake up, come on "
I heard my mom's voice as she tried to wake me up, today is the first day of senior year thank God it's the last year of this living hell
"I'm awake mom "
"good go prepare yourself for school "
I got up from bed and glanced at my room it's so me, everything In here represent my personality.
The walls painted in pale pink
Posters everywhere of Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and of course a lot of pictures of me and Bella 'oh Bella I missed her so much I didn't see her the whole summer' l have a big TV and a big stereo I love music soooo much.
l went to the bathroom for a quick shower after that I drained my hair and put my boxers and matching bra.
' what am I going to wear? '
I put on my black skinny jeans and my white tank top and my black and white converse then headed downstairs
After eating my breakfast I headed to Bella's home I'm giving her a ride today

Bella's p.o.v
I wake up early today to prepare myself it's the first day of senior year I'm so excited but of course not because of that but because I'm going to see Megan God knows how much I missed her
I didn't see her the whole summer because I wasn't in the country.
I took a look at my room, I love my room it's my Kingdom I decorated it
The walls pale blue covered by a few posters of Barcelona team and Messi ' Messi I adore him '
And my favorite band COLDPLAY
I went to the bathroom for a shower. After what it feels like 30 minutes I drained my hair and straightened it.
I put my panties and bra then I put on my blue jeans and a pale pink T-shirt
I headed downstairs to eat breakfast
Today Megan is giving me a ride to school. A few minutes later I heard a horn and I know it's Megan I said goodbye to my parents and went out of the house.
When I see Megan I ran to her and she grabbed me and swing me in the air.
"God I missed so much " she said as she put me down and gived me a kiss on the cheek
"me too "
"We will set together at the lunch and you tell everything about your trip "
"ok "I smiled at her and she start the engine
We pulled at the parking lot and head inside the school to get our schedules
Inside the school all eyes were on us we were super popular especially Megan she's like the hottest and the most beautiful girl in the school.
"so what do you have on first period? " she asked
"mm I have math u?"
"physics "
" ok I will see you at lunch "
"ok" and we went on our separate ways.
The time fly fast and now it's lunch time, I went to the cafeteria and saw Megan on our usual table with Drake and Mealnie ' I miss them so much '
"hi guys "
"Bella oh my God finally I missed you " she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek
"hi girl, long time " Drake said and gave me a bear hug
"Drake I can't breath "he chuckeld and let me go
"so how was your summer " Megan ask.
And like that we spent the lunch time eating and laughing.
The rest of the day went fast as the teachers said the same old shit they say every year.
I headed out of the school to see my friends in the parking lot Drake and Mealnie kissing and Megan waving to me ' I forgot to mention that Drake and Mealnie are in love ' we talked a little bit then headed in our separate ways me with Megan and Melanie with Drake.
Today was amazing because I saw my best friends after a long time.

Soo here's the first chapter tell me what you think should I continue or just go and burn myself

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