Chapter 7

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Luke's POV

"Yea dad. We used it." I blush remembering what happened that night.

"Ok good. I don't want to be a grandpa already." I blushed and my mom smiled sweetly at me.

So it wasn't a happy dinner it was an embarrassing dinner. After eating and after my mom scolded me for eating to fast I went upstairs to do my homework.

I finished that boring stuff and sighed it was almost eleven pm. Since it was so close to mid night I decided to go for a run before bed. But, of course, I have to ask my mom or she will be furious. She is a true helicopter mom. My mother and my grandmother maybe it runs in the family. Wait am I going to be a helicopter mom? Oh God no! I appreciate that they care but come on if we go to a store or something far from home it's always the same thing. Be careful. Don't talk to strangers. Look both sides before crossing the road. Honestly, I love my mom and grandma but it gets irritating after being engraved into your mind.

I get downstairs and find my mother sleeping on the couch with my sister. They look so cute. Since my mom is sleeping I look up and my dad is watching TV almost silently so they won't wake up.

"Hey, dad." I whisper and he looks up at me and nods making me know he's listening. "I'm gonna go for a run before bed." I whisper once more as he nods letting me go for the run. I smile and thumbs up my dad.

I walk to the back door and unlock it. After walking outside I shift making sure I'm into the woods and my neighbours can't see me.

Finally on my four paws, I stretch and look around me deciding where to go. Last time I ran in the woods I went to the river. So today I'm going in the opposite direction. I went in that direction but all I found was trees. Boring. I decided to go back home after a while.

I looked back and guess who was there. Yep my lovely mate.

"Hey baby." I hear him say through mind link. I go over to him and nuzzle my head against his wolf's neck. It's so soft. He nuzzles me back as I respond.

"Hi. What are you doing here?" He sits down.

"I came for a walk and found this amazing, familiar smell so I came after it and found you."

I sit my wolfy ass down right next to him and we stay like that for a while until the moon started to get higher. We watched the halfmoon together cuddling in our wolf forms.

I decided it was getting late so we bid our goodbyes. As I got home the backdoor flung open and my mom was their waiting with a scowl on her face.

Oh yeah, curfew. I continue to go over to her even knowing I was going to be kicked in the ass.

"Luke Davis, in the house now!" I look down and do as she tells me. Going to the living room in my wolf form already knowing where my mother  wanted to kick my ass. I sit in the middle of the living room on the ground while my mom sits on the couch I'm facing.

"Do you know what time it is Luke! Your curfew was an hour ago! Do you know how worried I was?!" I put my head down as an apology. "If you were planning on giving me a panic attack, congratulations you almost did it." She screamed again. My mother is really protective. But I love her.

"I swear to God my cause of death isn't going to be of old age it's gonna be because of you kids." I slowly crawl making myself small. Well the smallest I could as a wolf. I licked her cheek and nuzzled her. She chuckled which was a good ass sign.

"I can't stay mad at you." I licked her cheek once more and walked up stairs to my room. "Make sure this doesn't happen again, sweety." She yells up the stairs.

I close the door with my paws and shift back to my human form. I look around in the dark room and see something that looks like my clothes so I walk over and start getting dressed. First my boxers, then my grey Nike Air tracksuit pants. A birthday present from my mom and dad. I reach over for a white T-shirt but something stops me.

"How could you go away without giving me a kiss?" I hear his voice and turn around finding him with his arms wide open ready for a hug I get up to him and kiss him instead. Grabbing his cheeks and smashing our lips together.

We continued like this everyday. I would go out for a run and when I got back he would in my room unless he had something else to do like alpha warrior responsibilities. Since his brother became alpha he became a warrior wolf, and due to being an alpha he was already trained to be a warrior and flew up the ranks.

We were the perfect couple. We were lovey dovey and together when we had time. Of course he had arguments and problems but we got through them together. I couldn't have asked for a better mate. As we got to 29 together we decided to have kids and we also decided we'd start trying when my heat came. The thing was we started when my heat came and continued trying even if I wasn't in my heat.

That's where we are now.

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