Chapter 8

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Luke's POV

Ryder was on his way home from a pack meeting and if I'm right my heat is suppose to be coming today. We're both 29 ready for kids, at least I am. Any minute now he would walk in through that door and he would drop everything and just fuck me. I can feel it coming on the familiar hotness and wet pants were a small indication of it. I only had a towel wrapped around my lower waist. My slick started to drip down and I sat on the living room floor, well carpet, with my feet under my bum.

"Honey, I'm ho-" He was cut short probably because of my smell. He walked into the living room and found me. He immediately pounced me and started taking everything off. Once naked he took his own clothes off. After all the things between us were off we started kissing.

Passionate kisses. Hot kisses. Those kisses that make you hot all over, wanting the other.

I pant as he backs away only to kiss my neck and make a love bite right next to my mark. Oh how that made me shiver. He knew it did.

"You were waiting for me weren't you, love? Knowing it would come. Oh how naughty you are." He comments and I bite my lip. He usually only did this to make me beg for him. "You waited like a good boy waiting for me to enter your tight hole and make you moan so loud you won't be able to talk tomorrow."

"Please..." I say almost whispering pushing his hands down to my pants to try and make them touch me.

"Please what?" He teases.

"Just fuck me! I need it in me." I say louder then before. He bites my lower lip gently and pulls also gently.

"Of course, love." He reaches over to the secret condom stash on it and before he can get it I grab his wrist.

"I-I'm ready if you are." I say looking into his eyes, watching a grin appear on his face.

"You are?" I simply nod my head answering his question. He kisses my then kisses my forehead. "We are gonna have so many, baby." I chuckle softly but I'm cut off as he enters me entirely. Since I was producing slick it didn't hurt as if he entered my dry and my entrance had already dilated a little. I moaned at it. Feeling completely full and grabbing onto his back.

He gets closer burying his face against my neck and kissing softly. I moved my hips gently and he understood what I wanted so he started to thrust out slowly then in gently. Treating me like a porcelain doll. I wanted it rough and this dude was doing it like I would break at any second.

Well I had enough so I pushed him a little due to that he looked at me confused.

"Too gentle..." I said lowly.

"Too gentle?" He says still a little confused. "So... You want this?" He moves out slowly. As I look down I watch his hips snap forwards and slam into me. I bite my lip and nod.

"Yap." My voices comes out a little squeaky and I blush. After my response he starts to move like that roughly getting out and roughly get in. Making me experience delicious pleasure as he slammed into my prostate with practiced ease.

"So you wanted it rough?" He teases while panting.

"Yes! Please more!" By now he had already come closer again making me grab onto his back and scratch him. He moans softly in my ear and my muscles clench as I cum.

As I'm cumming I feel his knot enter and him shoot his load into me.

After I catch my breath I sigh content and smile at him as he puts his forehead against mine.

"We're gonna be daddies." I put my hands on his cheeks and pull him in for a sweet kiss.

8 months and 3 weeks later and we had our little Carly in our arms. A year later we had Rachel. Another year later and we had Michael.

We over came every obstacle that came our way and stayed together to take care of our little trouble makers. Rachel being the most troublesome.

She would be the cause of my white hairs.

The End

Hope you liked it I wasn't sure what to end it with but I think it came out good. Comment and vote if you liked it and I'll be writing a one shot book next I've already written some but it will probably take a while for me to actually publish it. Well bye and kisses to everyone.

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