Chapter 6

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Luke's POV

"So how was it like to lose your virginity and gain a mate?" My mom is to straight forward for my liking.

"Mom!" Ryder chuckled behind me. I stared at him with a serious face as he stared back after a while of staring he started laughing. The BASTARD! I moved on his lap and by move I mean I crushed his mini him with my hand. TAKE THAT.

"I'm not gonna tell you how that felt mom." She pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes. NOPE not gonna even think about how it felt. I felt Ryder grab my hips as he pushed them down onto the mini him I tried to crush. My mom got the hint that I'm not gonna tell her and she quit. For a almost 40 year old woman she still can do the puppy dog eyes.

She got up and went to the living room. I turned around so I was straddling him. I kissed his lips as he groaned. I backed away a little and kissed down his neck. He groaned again and I knew my plan was done when I felt something hard beneath me.

"No sex for a week." And with that I got off of him and walked to my room. I heard him call out to me as I opened the door to my room. I'm glad today is a school day. I got dressed and got my stuff ready for school

"Baby don't be like that." He says as he enters my room. I ignore him and continue to prepare my things for school. "Babe I'm sorry I molested you in front of your mom." He continues to walk after me as I walk downstairs. After getting ready I head to the door.

"Bye mom. Bye dad."

"Bye kiddo." Both of them respond. I walk out and wait for Ryder to unlock the car. He unlocks it as he gets next to me. He opens the door and I get in without even looking at him. Oh he's gonna be so frustrated that I don't respond to him. He closes the door and goes to his seat. The whole ride to school he kept saying sorry and that he couldn't help it because I was so cute while I was blushing.

We get to school, I get out of the car and start walking to my locker he continues to follow me. The rest of the school day he kept staring at me and saying sorry when he passed by me. We still ate lunch together but I barely talked to him. Only said that he didn't need to say sorry.

After school I wrote a note and went to his car he was there looking for me. I showed him the note as he looked surprised. 'Can you take me home?' Was the only thing written on the note.

"Sure get in. I was waiting for you." He drives me home and walks me to the door. I look at him before opening the door. "Luke I know you said I didn't have to say sorry but I'm really sorry." I open my arms for a hug he gets closer and I wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss him deeply as he kisses me back and puts his hands on my hips. I back away a little.

"Goodnight Ryder."

"Sweet dreams, love." He smiles and kisses my lips sweetly. He then goes to his car and blows me a kiss as he gets in. I watch as he drives off.

As I open the door I notice my mom is making dinner for the four of us. Me, my little sister, my dad and her. Ryder told me during the day he had a meeting to attend and that he was going to tell his parents about us.

"I'm back!" I shout and my mom shouts back an okay. As always I go upstairs and put my backpack on the floor next to the secretary. I think about doing my homework or watching a movie on Netflix but of course I don't want to be the center of attention for not doing it either so I get my things ready for homework.

As I was about to start my mom called everyone for dinner. I go downstairs and have a happy dinner with my family.

Not really. My mom being my mom told my dad about me and Ryder doing the do. Of course my dad being my dad had to ask this.

"Did you use what I gave you?" Oh my god! They couldn't be more embarrassing seriously!

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