Chapter 5

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Luke's POV.

"Yea..." I said and he smirked. "I have to thank him later."

I bit my lip and he took our clothes off. (Not gonna write the sex. Hehehe)

I woke up in the middle of the night. Ryder was still here. I'm so happy he didn't leave after having sex. I snuggled closer to him.

He hummed then woke up. I smiled at him as he kissed my forehead.

"Hi, beautiful." I giggled.

"Hi, handsome." He turned so he was facing me and we were face to chest.

"Go to sleep baby." He said sleepily. I chuckled as he pulled me closer. His hands on my ass cheeks.

"You're a pervert."

"I know baby I know." I smiled and snuggled closer. We stay like that for awhile until I fall asleep in his arms.

I wake up as I hear a little knock on my door.

"Luke. Momma told me to wake you up." I hear my baby sis say from the other side of the door. I smile. "Baby I gotta get up." I whisper to Ryder.

"Tell mom I'll come downstairs after I get dressed." I hear her little footsteps going down the stairs. I shook Ryder to wake him up.

"Mmm... Five more minutes." He mumbles.

"At least let go of me." I try to reason with him.

"No. I gotta get up. My mom probably thinks you slept on the floor or something." He rolls over until he falls to the floor.

"Problem solved."

"Ha ha you are so funny." I say with a straight face. "You're still naked." He grinned and rolled over so he was hiding it.

"Another problem solved." I laughed and got up to get dressed. After getting dressed I went downstairs.

"Hey mom." I said walking with a little limp. My ass hurt like hell.

"Hey Luke. Your breakfast is on the table." I looked at the table and saw my breakfast. I walked over to the table when I got there I sat down strangely. Yep I'm gonna kill Ryder when I go to my room again. I started to eat breakfast as my mom sat on the chair on the other side of the table.

"So how was the date?" My mom asked as she smiled at me.

"It was awesome we went to a restaurant and then to a waterfall and we cuddled next to it." My mom awed and smiled at my flushed face. I ate the rest and walked off to my room. I get to my room and see Ryder laying on the bed while showing everything.

I closed the door fast so no one could see him like that.

"Are you still tired?" He opened one of his eyes lazily.

"No not really but I am kinda waiting for your cuddles, baby." I blushed and he smirked. He got up and got dressed as I thought of a lie to tell my parents the reason why he spent the night here.

"What about 'Ryder was tired and couldn't drive home so he called his mom to ask if he could stay and Ryder's mom said ok' What do you think?" He thought a little about it, then smiled.

"Fine by me." I smiled and got up after he was dressed. "Ready?"

"Yep there are no flaws in the plan right?" I asked nervously.

"I don't think so." He opened the door and we started to go downstairs. We went straight to the living room. My dad was sitting on the couch while watching the news.

"Hey dad."

"Hi kiddo. What is your boyfriend doing here?" I can do this, I can do this I kept thinking as he looked between us.

"W-well I knew you guys wouldn't mind if he slept over so I told him and he asked his mom if he could stay 'cause he was really tired and he couldn't drive home for the night." My dad looked at me then looked at Ryder.

"Fine. But ask your mother if you want him to have dinner with us." I smiled and hugged him as he patted my head. Ryder growled a little and I let go of my dad.

"Ryder do you wanna eat lunch together at school?" I got up off the couch and hugged Ryder. He kissed my forehead and smiled.

"Sure sweety." I looked up with pleading eyes and he understood 'cause he kissed me. I flushed as I remembered that my dad was sitting right there. I pushed him back a little.

"I'm gonna ask my mom if you can have dinner with us." I whispered onto his lips. I turned to walk to the kitchen and he followed me.

We got there and he hugged me from behind wrapping his arms around my waist. I blushed as my sister looked at me. I looked down and my mom asked why Ryder was still here. I gave her the same explanation as the one I gave to my dad. She looked at me then at Ryder. She knows it's a lie but what failed in the plan???

"Honey you can fool your dad but you can't fool me. Your scents are mixed. And of course your father didn't notice because he spends almost no time with you, and I spend most of my time with you. While your sister is different. She likes your father more." I blush and smile as she sits down.

Ryder takes me to the chair on the other side of her and sits down making me plop down on his lap. He puts his head on my shoulder while looking at my mom.

"So how was it like to lose your virginity and gain a mate?" My mom is to straight forward for my liking.

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