Chapter 2

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Luke's POV

This house has been awesome I wasn't really expecting a cool house like this but damn. I have been here for 5 days and every night I see that wolf. That smell comes everytime I see it. So I have concluded that maybe he/she is my mate. But I'm scared what if it's a he and he is a jerk or douche bag or if it's a she and she is mean or pushy. I know someday I'm gonna have to face him/her.

I'm going to start school tomorrow. I'm actually sad that the holidays are ending I don't want then ever to end. I'm kinda scared and nervous 'cause new school, new friends. But whatever.

I had dinner with my family and then went online. I talked to my best friend from the other town through Skype. I then took a shower and went to the window and nothing was there just the trees. After a while a wolf ran to the edge of the forest and looked at my window. I smiled and blushed. I got closer to the window and the black wolf took a step closer. It left and I went to sleep while thinking about it.

I woke up at 7am, took a shower and got dressed. It was today. The day I would go to my new school. I went downstairs, kissed my mom's cheek and said good morning to my parents and baby sis. I ate breakfast and got my backpack. I said my goodbye's and went to my car, my baby. A completely black ford gt 2006. I know it's a sports car but I love it and it's my baby so I have to bring it on my first day at a new school.

I got in and started the engine. I started to drive to school. My mom gave me a tour of the city yesterday. She has been here before. I followed my sense of direction and got to school in 10 minutes. Too fast for my liking.

I got inside and went to the Secretary, she gave me my schedule and the locker number and combination. I found my locker and opened it. It took a few tries but I did it. I saw my schedule and checked what lesson I had first. Math. Oh great I absolutely hate math but I'm actually good at math.

I took every notebook and textbook out of my bag but my math notebook and textbook. I closed my locker and started on my way to finding the classroom. After a while the bell rung and I still hadn't found the stupid classroom. After what felt like hours but was only 15 minutes I found the classroom.

I knocked on the door and the teacher opened it. The freaking hot smell flew onto my face and I saw a guy grabbing the table like his life depended on it.

"Umm... I'm new here and I got lost." I said looking at the floor waiting for the teacher to say 'You should of asked for directions.' Or. 'To bad go sit down.' But he said. "It's ok I'm sure it has happened to all of us" I looked at him and he backed up for me to enter the classroom.

I entered and closed the door. He went to the front of the classroom next to his desk. "Attention class this is your new classmate. Introduce yourself please." The teacher sat down on his desk. "M-my name is Luke Davis and I'm 17." I looked at the teacher and he smiled.

"You can go sit down next to Ryder. It's the boy gripping onto the table." I smiled and started to walk to my seat as the smell got more intense I looked at Ryder and he had lust filled eyes. I bit my lip and looked at the table as I sat down. I had this uncomfortable hard on just from breathing next to him. He stared at me during the entire class. At the end he got up and stood next to the table.

He got closer to me and whispered at my ear as I slowly closed my eyes. "I love watching you before you go to bed." I groaned silently as he blew air onto my ear. I gripped onto my note book and he spoke again but more animalistic. "Mate."


I hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

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