Chapter 1

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^New house^

Luke's POV

Me and my parents grabbed our bags and went to the car. I got my stuff in the trunk and smiled at my mom. We were moving due to complications at school. Some alphas there followed me everyday trying to get in my pants.

It all started when my heat came. I didn't know what it was but I started feeling hot, then started panting, then my pants got wet back there, then a alpha in my class got up and started walking to me. I was closer to the door so I got up and ran. I hid in the bathroom and locked myself in there.

I was scared but had a raging hard on. I heard some guys coming in and I started to touch myself. I know I'm a pervert but my hands couldn't resist it. Some guys started knocking on the door really hard and I put my foot on it.

After a while I came and got cleaned when I was finished they weren't there. So I knew my mating scent got weaker. I went home and locked my self in my room. And that was the beginning of my problems now my parents and I are moving to somewhere new to try and end the problems.

My dad was driving, my mom was in the passenger seat and I was stuck back here with my baby sis. I'm 17 while she is only 4. She is sleeping right now so she isn't bugging my ass.

I put my earphones in and listen to music the whole trip to the new house. It took us almost 2 hours to get here, but the house was bigger then my last one. It was a two story house with a garden and a garage. One word. Beautiful. I have two options my parents have a huge penny jar or they are rich and they aren't telling me.

"Are you sure this is the house?" I ask and they look at me smiling. "Yep this the house sweety." My mom responds with a sweet smile. "Are you guys rich?" I ask pointing at my mom then at my dad.

"No sweety we just had the money from selling our old house and with that money and the yard sale money we had enough to buy this house." I hummed and my dad opened the door. "Where are the rooms?" "Upstairs." I went upstairs and picked a room with a walk in closet and a bathroom. I put my things on the bed and started unpacking.

My little sis, Nicole, came in my room. " I wanna run and mom told me only if I went with you." I groaned.

"Fine let's go." We went to the backyard and ran a little then shifted to wolf form we started running through the forest at the back of the house. We found a little river. I caught a whiff of something so intoxicating and looked at my sis to see she was drinking water like there was nothing wrong I heard a twig crack and started to push my sister gently for us to go home.

I saw something in the distance at the other side of the river and grabbed my sister gently biting her on the back of the neck like a lioness would carry her cub. I started running and heard it running after me. I got out of the forest and put my sis by the back door. I looked at the forest and nothing was there.

My sis shifted back while I looked to the side. I don't wanna be called a pervert. She walked inside and I followed her. She was in human form while I was in wolf form. I got to my room and changed back. I got dressed and put my stuff away I looked out the huge window and saw the forest.

Apparently my room is facing the back. I looked and saw a wolf I guess that was the thing following me. The black huge wolf left and I went downstairs.

"How was the run honey?" My mom asked while putting her clothes on the shelves in the walk in closet.

"Fun. We found a river." I didn't want to worry my mom so I didn't mention the intoxicating smell or the wolf.

"Oh I thought it was boring, you came back so soon." "I was a little tired from the trip so I grabbed sis and came back."

"Well I'm happy you are liking it so far. Grumpy over there isn't." She pointed at the window and I saw my dad inspecting the backyard. "He's just grumpy from the trip." My mom explained.

"Well I'm gonna take a nap. Love you mom." I kissed her cheek. "Love you too Luke." I got to my room and lied down on my bed. The guys that move this stuff got here one day early so they could get everything ready. I started to drift off to sleep land and I slept thinking of a certain black wolf and an intoxicating smell.


I hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

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