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"Louis Tomlinson has a big, fat crush on me!" Harry declares loud and proud to his cheerleading team the next day. He has an evil smirk on his face that holds so much power over his teammates like never before.

Cara opens her mouth to talk back, but Harry cuts her off, obviously not having it. "The brat fucking told me! Listen, guys, this is amazing news! I have the best idea to win nationals. It'll go like this; I'm gonna get with Louis a-"

"Harry!" Liam, who is at every Cross Martin cheer practice even though he isn't on the team, interrupts. His voice is loud and holds authority, and it shuts Harry right up.

Liam shakes his head and motions to the team with a heavy sigh, "What has gotten into you, man? What happened to the Harry who doesn't care about winning? To the Harry who loves his team, who is happy with 2nd place, who works harder and harder for the prize? You're a lunatic now, Harry! You're- You're turning into Louis."

There's a pause with heavy tension is the air, the whole team silently agreeing with shy nods.

But, Harry isn't as agreeing.

Harry is mad.

"Well, guess what? I'm the captain of this team, and what I say goes!" He's pacing now, outraged that his team has the right to call him out like that. To say he's 'changed'. They wouldn't know a change if it was right in front of their faces!

"We are winning this year. This is the last year I'm letting that pathetic brat push me around! This is our time to shine, fuckers! So buckle up for the ride, cus' there will be no more rest days. I wanna see you here 6:30 am sharp tomorrow, do you hear me?! You think I'm acting like Louis? I'll show you just how bossy I can be."

And with that, Harry leaves.

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harrystyles: im sorry, louis. i really am. i like you, too. a lot. ive liked you for a long time. would you like to go out to dinner this weekend? it's ok if u don't wanna.

louist91: i don't know...

harrystyles: ill quit nationals.

louist91: what?

harrystyles: you heard me. if you go out with me, ill make sure my team does not step not one foot on national soil.

louist91: ok. olive garden at 7:30 on saturday.

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Harry fucking smirks.

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"Okay, guys. Get to stretching!" Harry claps when he arrives at practice the next morning, 6:30 sharp.

After Cara finishes her basic stretches, she hesitantly makes her way over to her best friend, still skeptical after what happened yesterday at practice.

"Could you please explain to me what the fuck is going on with you, Harry?" she accuses.

He glares at her with an eye roll and comes back with, "Well, Cara, nothing is going on with me. I'm perfectly fine. I'm not changing."

She's really getting on his nerves.

"Listen here! Everyone, gather around!" he demands, standing still as his team scrambles to him, "Let me explain my plan."

The air thickens.

"I have a date with Louis Tomlinson this weekend. He likes me, so he said yes easily. But, I told him I'm gonna quit nationals. Which, to hell with that. We're gonna continuously sabotage their chances of winning by fucking with his pretty little head. It's simple. I'll do little things like tell him I love him and posts his nudes and spread stories and shit. He'll be so bothered that he won't even get out of bed to go to practice or anything of the sorts. We'll sweep the trophy right out from under the twink. Sound good? Sounds great. Now, let's start practice."

The plan is so horrible and condescending that the Cross Martin cheerleading teams' jaws are practically on the floor when hearing it. This is not Harry.

Harry is the gentle giant who blushes and fumbles around Louis, who accepts participation awards like they are for the #1 spot. He would never hurt someone the way he's about to.

Something changed in Harry, and they don't like it.

(There's a tiny part in Harry that doesn't like it, either. There's a tiny voice in Harry's head screaming nononono. He pushes the voice away. He pushes the voice away...)

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Word Count: 725

QOTC; What do you think about Harry's plan? Do you think he'll fall through with it? Will it be fool proof to Louis, or is Louis smarter than that?

PQOTC; Favorite shows on Netflix?

AOTC; Stranger Things, of course. I also like American Horror Story and Supernatural, even though they aren't just Netflix shows.

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idk I guess I'll start writing this again. I love you all, I'm sorry I'm such a terrible writer that I don't update in 3 months.

I'm currently going through and editing the chapters to show my current social medias and my current interests on the questionnaire. :)

Sorry about the wait,
Britney |-/

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