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Harry sat down on the couch, a bowl of popcorn in his hands. He was sat between his two best friends, Liam and Cara, and they were about to dig into a marathon of every Saw movie to date. Harry had saved up enough money from babysitting his cousins and mowing the neighborhood for new clothes this weekend, and so he invited his friends over to stay so they could go shopping with him.

It was only Friday, and they were set to go to the mall on Saturday, so tonight they were binging on sweets and popcorn while watching scary movies.

He rests his feet up on the coffee table, listening to Liam rant on about about how unfair tonight's game was.

Liam was a sporty guy, being in both the basketball team and the footie team, and is frankly the only good one on both teams. North Heights completely screwed them over tonight, winning with a score of 9-40, but what's new? Even though every team beats Cross Martin, North Heights always beats them the worst, due to the fact that they have the best sports teams in the county. They have the number one football team, lacrosse team, swim team, cheerleading team.

But Harry has learned to not care about what's on the scoreboard anymore, focusing on yelling 'Go, Big Jets!' loud enough for everyone in the bleachers and on the court to hear.

That's his job, anyways.

To cheer on their sucky ass team as they get their asses handed to them by every other team.

Harry wasn't focused on either tonight though. Neither the scoreboard or loud cheering was enough to distract him from something more interesting in front of him.

Something prettier.

Something more fuckable.

He always misses his cue to call the cheers when up against North Heights, simply because he is always off focus.

He almost lost his shít tonight and forgot the moves to one of the easiest cheers due to Louis Tomlinson drinking his water bottle, taking the whole tip of it into his mouth and hollowing his cheeks, looking Harry in the eye as he gulped down the satisfying liquid.

He had stopped right in the middle of the cheer and just stared, eyes wide and mouth parted. Cara had looked back at him and laughed at the bulge in his uniform, simply punching him in the díck and telling him to get his shít together.

You see, Harry and Cara were each other's GBF, which stands for Gay Best Friend. Harry having found out he was interested in guys when he was fourteen, Cara finding out she preferred her own gender also not long after.

Liam kind of just fit into their group freshman year, when Harry and Cara caught him tripping and falling in front of them at halftime due to watching one of the girls from North Heights do their very sexual halftime routine.

Harry had helped him up, patting his back and telling him that it's alright, how he's been there, done that, while watching Louis look him in the eye as he grabbed his own arse.

Now, three years later, they are still as close as ever.

"Liam, if you would quit complaining about losing all the time and focus on finding out ways to actually win, you wouldn't even have to complain anymore." Cara comments through a mouthful of popcorn, grabbing the TV remote to block out the sound of Liam.

"Quit hogging it all, fatty." Harry mutters, ripping the bowl from Cara's grip and kicking her in the shin.

They've got a weird way of showing their love.

💎 💎 💎

When Harry woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was that his mouth was wide open and there was drool dripping down his face.

He sits up and wipes his mouth, checking his phone, seeing that it was almost noon.

This happens every time Harry and his friends have a movie marathon, they end up going to sleep at near three A.M and waking up very much later on.

Which is why his mum has banned weekday sleepovers. With school the next morning, they can't afford to pull all-nighters.

Yawning, he kicks Liam off the bed, mumbling for him to get his ass up.

When Harry has Liam and Cara over, Cara sleeps on the couch while Liam sleeps with Harry, which is extremely convenient for Harry because Cara snores, but extremely inconvenient for Liam because so does Harry.

The mall gets crowded after noon, and Harry didn't even think to set his alarm clock until now, and so he groans and walks into his bathroom to get ready, prepared for a day of standing in lines and walking really slow.

💎 💎 💎

Arriving at the mall about an hour later, Harry is fully aware that he's going to have to drive around for at least five minutes to find a parking spot.

Five minutes turned into ten before some old man very slowly pulls out, leaving the three teenagers in Harry's mum's Honda groaning in impatience and joy.

"Thanks for not waking us up at nine, fućker." Cara says as they walk into the complex, punching Harry in the shoulder.

They end up stopping at almost every store, only buying clothes at a few, until they reach Victoria's Secret and Cara is literally dragging Harry and Liam inside.

'I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.' Harry is mumbling, because for some reason Cara just has to stop at the women's undergarments store.

"Oh my god, Harry look! They're on sale!" Cara squeals, holding up a pair of panties and Harry would rather not have the image of his best friend in them in his mind.

Liam and Harry follow Cara around as she goes through the store, and they are just about to leave when-

"Lou! These would look so cute on you!"

He hears and oh my god that sounds like Sophia motherfućking Smith.

His suspicions are proved correct when they turn around to see Sophia, along with Louis, standing by the lacy panties.

Harry gulps when he sees Louis' outfit, a short white skirt that leaves little to the imagination, along with a baby blue crop top that says 'amour' on it.

He looks absolutely delicious if you ask Harry, and he can't keep his eyes off of Louis' thick thighs and soft tummy.

Cara is snickering at Harry and Liam is staring at Sophia when Louis makes eye contact with Harry.

Harry squeezes his eyes shut and thinks fuckfuckfuckfuck and stabmeinthedickstabmeinthedick because of course he has to stare at Louis like a goddamn psycho, making him see him.

This is going to be eventful, he thought.

💎 💎 💎

Word Count: 1,121

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