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i listened to the mashup above when writing this chapter. I've actually been listening to it for a few days now omg it's really good.

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Harry makes a lot of mistakes.

Harry realizes that he made a big mistake when the whole team confronted him at school.

"What the fuck, Harry?!" Cara rages, all up in his personal area. "Do you even know how much jeopardy you put the team in?"

Harry pushed away from the accusing woman, an incredulous look on his face, "Excuse me?"

Cara's eyes narrowed viciously, "You rejected Louis, yeah? You rejected the fuck out of him?"

"You can't seriously be upset because of this. We've been trying to get him out of our hair for like two years!" Harry exclaims.

"Yeah, well listen here, asshole. Now you've just pissed him off. He's no longer concentrated on distracting you with his tight little body, he's now concentrated on winning."

Harry's eyes widen, "Oh shit."

"By trying to distract you, it distracted him. Now he's just angry and heartbroken and ready to ruin our lives at regionals."

Harry blinks a few times, processing the words that just came out of his best friend's mouth.

By trying to distract you, it distracted him.

"I have an idea," Harry says, "but I don't know if it'll work."

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Contrary to popular belief, Harry isn't stupid. He knows he hurt Louis, and he knows (now) what the cost is.

Louis Tomlinson became a different person, Harry noted. Honestly, anyone could tell this just by his Instagram feed. Gone is the- dare Harry say it- slutty photographs with provocative captions. Louis hasn't posted a selfie in two weeks. Just landscapes and pictures of his cat. His captions have become more depressing as well.

Harry doesn't know what to do. Things feel off now that Louis is out of his life. He's used to his day being brightened by flirting with the little twink every chance he saw appropriate. Now, he's just empty.

Now that Harry thinks about, he misses Louis. He misses his pretty smile in his Instagram photos. He misses the Snapchat stories of Louis sitting by the pool and listening to classical music (he called it his meditating time). He misses Louis just texting him out of the blue with a flirtatious message, in which he laughs and sends an equally as flirty message back. God dammit, he misses Louis!

But, Harry is an ignorant man. Not as ignorant as Louis, but still pretty ignorant.

He's not backing down. He's not falling into Louis Tomlinson's pitiful little trap again.

This vow to himself, to not let himself be distracted by Louis, led him to this plan. Or, this mistake.

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"She's so gorgeous." A lovesick fool named Liam announces as he scrolls through Sophia Smith's Instagram, walking through the school yard with Cara and Harry.

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