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"You're just jealous because we have three first place National Championship trophies and you've been stuck in second place the entire time."

"Actually, I'm jealous because your arse is bigger than mine."


Louis Tomlinson is the captain of the North Heights cheerleading team. Not only is his team fierce and loyal, they are winners.

They have perfect form, the girls easily moving around in their short skirts and crop tops along with the guys (including himself) staying loud and proud in their tight uniforms that show off just enough muscle to keep the judges swooning.

(Louis wants to be able to wear short skirts and crop tops, though. Sh.)

They are three time champions for the National Cheerleading Championship (NCC's) and Louis' favorite thing about winning every year is not only the breathtaking looks on his deserving team's faces, but the angry look on Harry Styles'.

Cross Martin High School.

You don't hear a lot about CMHS. Just that they have the (second) best cheer squad in the nation. Being beaten by North Heights High every year is not the happiest feeling in the world, but being the second best is good enough, right?

That's what captain Harry Styles thinks.

He doesn't care too much about the trophies, or the winning, it never has been.

But when Louis Tomlinson looks at him with that fućking smirk when he holds that god dàmn trophy up in the air every year is enough to get that small competitive wheel in his head turning.

He hates NHHS.

Especially the sexy captain with the big arse who winks at him all the time.

He just wants to beat them once.

Just once.

(He just wants to get into Louis Tomlinson's pants once.)

(Just once.)


[Coming Fall 2015]


(fingers crossed that people will get hyped for this bc I sure am tbh)

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