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Sophia rolled her eyes, "Yes, Louis. We are good human beings, and even though I may not be captain, I know you. I would never do something unless I know you would approve somewhere in that dark soul of yours."

Louis whined, "For the love of God, Sophia, we are not good people. We are cheerleaders."

"Get dressed, we have a car wash to get to in two hours."

"I love how you let me know about an event I will be hosting two hours prior." he rolls his eyes.

"It's because I love you. You can do your thing with Hazza there, you know. Dress nicely." Sophia winks and giggles.

"You're such a dork."

💎 💎 💎

Louis means it when he says he dislikes Harry Styles.

Harry Styles- with his stupid jawline, and stupid hair, and stupid dimples, and stupid biceps, and stupid bulge- Louis hated him.

But, it was loads of fun teasing him. He's not a slut- he swears- he just wants attention. He wants Harry Styles to hate his body as much as he hates his.

Because Harry Styles is fucking sexy.

Louis is, too. He knows this, and the way Harry looks at him when he lets the world know this is beautiful.

This car wash? Louis didn't see it was a fundraiser to help CMHS get new uniforms, he saw it as a chance to let everyone know who Harry Styles' eyes belong on.

(He's not possessive, he hates the guy. He just, you know, wants to distract Harry. He swears.)

So when he walks down the stairs, Sophia waiting outside with her jeep, Louis is wearing a white t-shirt and some tight ass daisy dukes.

"Have fun, Boo! Go make some money!" his mum calls from the kitchen, and he snickers at the irony of it. His mum telling him to go make some money when he's dressed like a hooker.

"You ready to get wet?" Sophia calls when Louis sits in the passenger seat. She's wearing a pink bikini, which is pretty adorable.

"In more ways than one, my love." he smirks.

💎 💎 💎

When they get to the grocery store that the car wash is being held in front of, both teams are chatting idly, waiting for Louis to get there so they could start.

"Alright, sluts, you know what to do! Shake your asses, get tips, but you better leave the cars spotless." he bosses when stepping out of the jeep, walking over to the teams.

He spots Harry and Cara at the admissions table and walks over to them, "Cara, darling, do you mind helping with the signs?" he tilts his head.

Cara snorts and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively at Harry, who scoffs, and walks away.

Louis hums and sits down beside Harry, tossing his legs over his lap, "Hazza bear! I am terribly sorry about your uniforms- but I gotta say that it was bound to happen. Those uniforms were deathly ugly. How long have you had them? Probably before you were born. It's about time you get new ones, anyways."

Harry hums, splaying his big hands across Louis' thighs, "Aren't you sweet. Judging by your provocative outfit and the fact that you are very moisturized," he rubs his hands down the twink's tan legs, "I think you're gonna wash some cars."

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