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(This chapter is in Louis' POV when it is supposed to be in Harry's POV. It is WAY easier for me to write Louis' POV, and I'll continue to do so until I get into the mood for Harry.)
This story is so badly written, why do you people like it?!
Sorry if Louis' emotions are bipolarish in this, I was listening to Ms. Believer for like half of it then I turned shuffle on and HeavyDirtySoul came on and I was like oKAY.

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Louis wasn't having a very good week. All he could think of was Harry. Which, no. Not a very good thing to be doing. He was tearing himself up over this. He even ruined his perfect attendance since kindergarten because he was feeling so down.

His father noticed he was off by then. Even when Louis was so sick he could barely talk he went to school, but today he claimed he wasn't 'feeling good'.

"Are you okay, bug?" Louis' father asks, putting his hand on his forehead to find that his temperature was perfectly normal.

Louis sighed and turned over on his back to look at the man sitting on his bed, "Do you think I'm a whore, Daddy?"

The man's eyes widen, "Louis!" he says in disbelief, "Is that what this is about? Did somebody call you that? I will call their parents."

"No, Daddy." Louis sighs and sits up, "I called myself that. But, everybody thinks I'm one. They don't have to say that for me to know."

Louis' father wraps his arms around his son and brings him into a hug when he sees Louis' face. He knows his son and he knows the face he makes when he's about to cry. "Oh, Loubug..."

Sniffling, Louis rests his head on the man's shoulder and squeezes his eyes shut tightly, "I don't like myself anymore."

Louis' father didn't like seeing the boy like this. His son had always been confident, wearing outfits that he didn't approve of but let him because Louis was happy, and that's what he wants him to be.

Louis had always been a confident boy. He loved himself, his body, and he flaunted himself. But lately, he's seeing the flaws in himself. There's a voice in his head that sounds awfully like himself that spits things when he looks in the mirror like "you're disgusting." and "I bet you'd let anyone see you like this, you whore." when it would usually tell him "you look good today." and "you're beautiful."

He doesn't know what happened to the voice, why it decided to turn against him. He feels disrespected.

He's brought back out of his thoughts when his father, who's soothingly rubbing his back, speaks.

"You're getting so big, Lou. You're not my little boy anymore. When you were little, and other kids would call you names, you'd believe me and your mother when we would tell you that they weren't true. Now, you have a mindset of your own and I can't just tell you that you're not these things and you instantly believe me. But, hear me out. You are a confident, handsome, and wonderful boy. You are not a whore, you are not a slut, or a bitch, or whatever else those rotten people think of you. They don't know you like your family and friends do, Louis Tomlinson, and they never will."

Louis tears up and lets out a sob, holding on tighter to his father, "I'll always be your little boy, Daddy."

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Louis agreed to not ruin his perfect attendance all throughout school on his senior year, and he checked into school late.

Sophia was instantly at his side in the hallway, "Lou, baby, where were you?!"
she asks worriedly, wrapping him up in her arms.

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